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Atleast this is what the rues about the Doomspores seem to indicate. See for your self: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drdd/20071119&authentic=true.

Its called resiste poison and it prevents the secondary affect of the poison, if the poison is rated at 5 and you have RP 5. In the exemple, RP 5 is needed to avoid the weaken state, what ever that is.
Maybe in 4th edition, delay poison will no longer exist but there will be a resist poison spell
well at least some poisons appear capable of dealing hitpoint damage in 4e, so it stands to reason that there would be some sort of resistance to it. I also recall something about warforged being nearly immune to all forms of energy and/or poison attack and highly resistant to most damage types in a very early playtest report. there was mention made of amending that problem.
The thing about ongoing poison damage is promising. My problem with the third edition approach to poison saves is that it can't handle the scene from the beginning of the second Indiana Jones movie. Any PC sitting across a table from a criminal trying to blackmail them with the antidote to a poison that they'd just consumed would laugh in the criminal's face, since by the time the criminal finished explaining things more than a minute would have passed, and thus the PC would have obviously survived both the primary and secondary effects.

I prefer a variable onset time, a variable time between saves, a variable number of required saves, and potential effects even on a successful save.
From the Terrain article, it looks like poisons will attack your Fort defense, and will have an initial effect, and then both continuous damage and a condition (in this case, weakened). The one we saw lasted until the end of the encounter, so poisoning a PC and then taunting them with the antidote as an encounter would seem to be a viable option.

I'm looking forward to poisons that paralyze, confuse, frenzy, or slow you. I'm ready to be done with the cascading math of ability score damage.
For one thing, in 4E they need to make poisons actually scary. In 3.xE you can pretty much ignore any poison after about 5th level unless you are a wizard with a low fort save. Most of the other classes just laugh and hope they don't roll a 1.
From the spined devil card, we know that a poison with a slow secondary effect is in ^_^
eh... The way I always thought poison should be handled is by the amount of dosage. It should have a base dose (DC 15 for example). Every time a character gets hit by the same poison they have the DC go up by 1. When they get poisoned then the character cannot be affected by the same poison again till it weres off (this is the trade off). A whole vile of poison would be base DC +20. So an assassin that would coat their dagger with poison would have 20 potential strikes. This would also get rid of the fighters/dwarves that can drink poison all day long and not take effect. Best line I ever used in game was...

"The elf wizard told my my fighter (dwarf) to like this toad and get a real buzz. When my fighter did that nothing happened."
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