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ok my search skills suck so I couldn't tell if this has been asked before but does anyone know how the new skill system will work, specifically UMD?

My understanding is it will probably be similar to SWSE, so a trained skill will be +5 and untrained +0 then add ability modifiers and it increases by +1/2 levels. Will that mean skill checks are easier? Obviously skill points won't be as high as in 3.x:

(not counting ability modifiers or synergy)
1st - 4 vs 5
5th - 8 vs 7
10th - 13 vs 10
15th - 18 vs 12
20th - 23 vs 15

of course this is for class skills, cross-class shouldn't be affected, if they will even use such a designation.

And how exactly will UMD be affected if wands don't store charges or spells any more? What will happen to the rogue's magical knack to use wizard stuff?
The common train of thought is that the skill system will be akin to the SWSE skill rules.
If I had to hazard a guess I would think that there will be more rules for higher DCs, allowing for more neat things to be done with skills.
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