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Chris's first blog post on Gleemax said there was a town in the DMG and he said guess which one. Every response was that it was Homlet.

In my opinion this is the best idea that WOTC has ever had if they do bring Homlet into the world of 4e. Its the perfect town for "points of light" and has a near by dungeon ripe for exploring.

Also, all those expeditions to... adventures that they released they left out Temple of Elemental Evil. Could we see a Temple of Elemental Evil brought into the world of 4e. TOE is arguable the most well known of 1e adventures. I personally have run the Temple in 1e, 2e, and 3e. Each time it got a bit harder cus of the monster stats, but the story was still amazing. I will run it again in 4e, but man would I love to see a 4e version of it.
I like it. The thought of Homlet that is. Though, it was always a bit poor and small for my starting game tastes.
I think it will be Hommlet to link the game to the past, but I don't find Hommlet very interesting. Who does? The town was very sketchily detailed in the module and is so small and rustic that there just isn't much to do there.

A small town is a good beginning for first level PCs -- leave the big city for later, if only to keep some arrows in your quiver-- but Hommlet is, as far as I can remember, a big nothing. A quaint pretty little town with hills dotted with "kine" (thank you EGG for dropping the archaic plural of cow on me), but what is there to do there?

Sure, that allows the designers to write up whatever they like and call it Hommlet, and they could do a fair job of that I guess, but then that's just keeping the name.

If they really want to go old-skool, they'll do the Keep on the Borderlands. Not much detail there, either, requiring a lot of expansion, but at least it's a military base.
Homlet was half a days journey from a ruined moat house that was used as a base of operations for Lareth and Lolth. It was also only 2 days journey south of Nulb a small town teaming with wicked people.

That is two great dungeons at close reach.

The town itself is teaming with intrigue. Agents of Loth have infiltrated the town and there is conflict between the two main religions of the town.

In T1 and T1-4 I thought the town was exceedingly well detailed. Eevry building has a description and if you're a rogue there is plenty of fun breaking and entering. The denizens of the town I also thought were well detailed creating lots of interesting personalities.

Sure it needs a polish to make it shine, but Homlet is ripe for adventure.

As for Keep on the Borderlands that is a spot that is soft in my heart. I lost more characters to the Caves of Chaos, so that would be okay with me also. But that place was really spartan.
As for Keep on the Borderlands that is a spot that is soft in my heart. I lost more characters to the Caves of Chaos, so that would be okay with me also. But that place was really spartan.

Hommlet, BLAH! Not interested...

Now The Keep on the Borderlands? I would be 100% for devoting some space in the DMG to that town.
I'm not interested to see any space wasted in DMG on *another* town from the Greyhawk setting (Salthmarsh was detailed in 3.5 DMG II). I cannot use the town, because it has been heavily featured in our Greyhawk campaigns -- everyone in my group is familiar with the maps and the NPCs of Hommlet. So, if I tried to implement into my 'Point of Light' setting, it'd feel laughable and lame. You know, *I* would certainly laugh if my DM tried to implement Hommlet into his homebrew setting. Why the designers did not create an original town for DMG? Too much work?

A hint: if you're using Hommlet in your (non-Greyhawk) 'Points of Light' campaign , change the name of the town -- any Greyhawk fans in your group will most likely think it's weird and "out of place" if you just "cut-and-paste" it "as is" into your own setting.

Any starting town will be within a couple of days of several dungeons and goblin outposts. That's the whole point. So that's hardly a point in Hommlet's favor.

They're not going to put the entire T1-4 module in the DMG. Just the town. So this stuff about Nulb and the Temple being nearby is sort of irrelevant.

If I had my druthers they'd use Barovia from Ravenloft. Since they're bigger on a more classic, gothic medieval atmosphere in this edition, that would be a great town to show off the new system.
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