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I think it would be cool to add 3 types of Critical Hit/Miss Charts. Have 3 types of Critical Hit/Miss Charts that very in how deadly they are. So people could play with the deadliest Critical Hit/Miss Charts or with the medium or light.

For instants the DM could allow the players to use the deadly Critical Hit chart vs the monsters and use the medium or light Critical Hit chart vs the players.

I just think this would be a nice add to the game, the DM could mix match how they wanted to use the Critical Hit/Miss Charts.

I have lots of ideas how these charts should be made.
Any comments/ideas are welcome
The critical hit deck is a great tool for this from Paizo.
Or a 4th option. No critical misses.
It really doesnt fit in with their streamlined intentions. As it is a crit may be going back to natural 20 only being automatic.

Adding in stuff to figure out which of the options you use Just lsows things down. Ive never personally found Critical miss charts Fun.

With our group currently on a 1 you do a ref check of 15 to not drop your weapon and continue on from there.
I think that having any critical hit/miss charts will add complexity and slow down the game without enough of a benefit. There is great value in keeping things simple with double damage on a 20. My feeling about critical hits and misses is that the funky effects of criticals can be done using existing combat rules. For example, if you have a critcal where a guy falls down, the same thing can be accomplished by a trip maneuver in the existing rules.
<\ \>tuntman
Thats what we use now, and the Critical miss deck will be out soon also.

The critical hit deck is a great tool for this from Paizo.

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