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Balance in 3e was maintained by the mechanic of bonus types, where two bonuses of the same type would not stack. This meant that in order to increase your AC a lot, you couldn't use several similar spells or items, you would need to scour the books to find how to get as many different bonus types as you could: armor, shield, natural, deflection, dodge, morale, sacred, profane, circumstance, unnamed, etc. How do we feel about this, and is it something that you think will/should be in 4e?

Personally, when I first read about the bonus types in 3e, I really liked them. I thought it was a cool way to include a lot of different spells and items, but still maintain balance by ensuring you couldn't wear fifty Rings of Protection and be unbeatable. But, after playing for several years, I liked the system less and less. It became annoying to keep track of everything, and after a few splatbooks, it became obvious that the balance was not working very well anyway. It forced mastery of the books in order to become powerful, and it no longer seemed intuitive since people who wanted high numbers would cast a bunch of disparate spells and get a bunch of different items. I yearned for something more streamlined.

Other games have much simpler ways to maintain bonus balance. One easy example is just to cap the maximum total bonus you can get to any particular stat at an arbitrary amount, like +5. Maybe add in a disclaimer that the same spell doesn't stack with itself, or that two identical magic items don't stack either. I think in 4e, I'd prefer something simple like that, especially since the designers have said that maxing bonuses through equipment is going to be less important in this version.
I prefer the system as-is over an arbitrary statement of 'this is as high as it gets', which may not be to every game's benefit. Since items are going to be less a chunk of the character pie, though, it's less likely to be an issue.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
A hard cap of +5 seems overly limiting. Maybe the types of bonuses that can stack with each other could be reduced to a much smaller group.
I would personally like to do away with the plus bonus effects. Let level and ability drive those things.

I also don't like the 3x way of having different types because it did allow multiple stacking to further increase the maximum (ten 'different' bonuses then ten sources of +5 -- yuck ).

This is why I have suggested that items and abilities that offer utility or new ways to do things is better then constant adds.

Constant adds leads to a problem of who ever can add up the most, wins!

Personally, I would rather see a person with a fire sword battle someone with an ice sword and see which one comes out on top. It is just a more fun way to play.
Bonus types become less of an issue if you take bonus granting magic items out of the equation.

They become even less of an issue if you remove out-of-combat buff effects.

Will they still be needed to maintain balance in 4e? I don't think we know that yet. I imagine we will see bonus types in some form in 4e, but their importance as a balance mechanic will be greatly diminished.
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