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Apologies to Peter for spelling his name wrong in the title!!!

From [post=14026555]Peter Schaeffer's Blog[/post]:
[indent]And here's something I would've blogged about a week-point-five ago if I'd had the leisure: aftereffect. [Stephen Radney-McFarland] came up with it in a monster dev meeting and we all hashed out what it meant. And just like that, we have a very robust condition/effect supplement. Which is pure awesome. There's a real joy in constructing a rule or ruleset that is flexible, strong, and intelligently universal all at the same time.[/indent]
What the heck do you think this means?
A heavily-modified but simplistic Condition system based on the SWSE system.

I hope its as good as / better than the SWSE Condition Track. I never liked Poisons and Disease as Hit Point damage or Ability Score Damage, but a Conditional modifier based on these "aftereffects" sounds like it might be good. Can't wait to see what they've come up with if SWSE is any indication of an early draft for the 4E rules.
Can anybody link me to a description of SWSE COndition Tracks so I know what you're talking about?

This is a great link for the kind of info you're looking for. Also any of the Saga Previews that were done in the Jedi Counseling series are great resources.
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