What I want to Psion 4e. (Psionics)

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I have been playing D&D since 1997 and have been a fan of MTG since 1995. I have been following 3.x since the begining and have been creating my own games as well. I am very interested in the design and development of 4e and have been trying to guess what is on the wizard's mind. I understand that psionics is not on the current agenda, but I think it should be. If it is not designed with the other classes in mind it might be in danger of being a different flavored wizard, and psionics just anoter kind of magic. (No tack on systems please!)

I propose that psionics should focus on the unseen, their unique powers of the mind. I think they should not have flashy powers, leave that to the wizards.

Psionics should function as simply as possible,perhaps making it similar to the 4e spell casting system.

Psionics should focus on invisible force effects, like teleketic sheilds, blasts of force, levitation, and even flying. They should also focus on divination, telportation (dimention door) effects, mind control, illusion, and mental attacks (mind thrust). Include the ability to manipulate their own bodies to create certain effects, chitin skin, for instance.

Psionic no no's include energy attacks, firey deaths, and summon creatures or items. These should be left for the wizards.

What would make psionics cool? At will abilities that develop over time as they learn more mystical powers.

What about the psychic warrior? I would like to see them focus most of their energy on manipulating their bodies through psionics. Increasing speed, agility, strength, intuitive senses, controlling their cellular tissue to create effective attacks, and movements.

The instruments that psions use could be gems, crystals, and orbs. Perhaps some of these items could manipulate mind attacks and transform them into energy attacks (focusing psionic energy through it like a lense turns a mental attack into a firey beam instead).

Soulknifes, are nessary, but since I think that most Psionic effects should not be flashy, the blades of the Soulknife should appear as a heat shimmer, a blade of mental force.