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Dear WoTc!
I'm a DM from Israel. I play the game for 2 years and I have a feeling that 4e won't be in Hebrew. (and that's great!) but... I really want you to change something in the books, you see... Everybody here uses LB, Inch and Feet (Very unconfertable. In Israel we don't use it (We use cm,meter,kg) would it be possible to change all those messures to something we see more confertable (I didn't spell it right, did I)? please.

Thanks in advance.

I can sympathize with the awkwardness of using a measurement system that is not your most commonly used one. I suppose WOTC could provide both measurements but that sounds like a lot of extra work.

Worse comes to worse you could do a simple conversion to make it easier for yourself. Whenever you read 5 feet just convert it loosely to 2 meters.

Note: 5 feet is actually 1.524 meters but 2 is an easier number to use if you're not mathematically inclined. Or perhaps 1.5 meters to more accurate.

Then use 2 meters as your measuring stick for the game. Squares are 2 meters by 2 meters. That's what I would do.
Rules of the game, going metric:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Wow, I must be having a good day. Looking at their conversion charts they used 2 meters per square so 5 feet converts to 2 meters which is what I thought would be best too.

That doesn't mean anything but ya know...
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