AOE attacks (Spells and Melee)

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Was over at the Starwars errata and noticed this.

You may use the Block talent to negate melee area attacks, such as those made by the Whirlwind Attack feat. If you succeed on the Use the Force check, you take half damage if the attack hits and no damage if the attack misses. You may spend a Force point to use this talent to negate an attack against an adjacent character."

So looking at this feat kind of like Evasion it tells me how AoE attacks should work.

Looks like you make one roll and compare it to the Defenses of that targets within the Area of effect. If you hit then the target takes full damage. If you miss then the target takes half damage.

Only question I have is how do they deal with Crits then since we know Fireball is a AoE and can crit from the Playtest blogs