Monster Weights

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I have an house rule that has worked fantastic for quite a while now.
In 3E, every creature and object had a space that it filled up, specifically Medium, Large, Huge ...
My rule is that every creature and object takes up a weight much like it takes up size, like Medium weight, Large weight, Huge weight ... . This make calculating encumberance so much easyer, and a few other things. Look at this abreviated chart.

For a Medium sized creature
Str up to 10 can pull a Medium weight, carry a Small weight, and lift a Tiny weight above his head.
Str up to 20 can pull a Large weight, carry a Medium weight, and lift a Small weight.
Str up to 30 can pull a Huge weight, ...
And for every size larger or smaller, so do the weights one can have.

And the system expands
With carts and sleds you can carry one size larger. Also if it can roll, like a round boulder or an urn.
And Earth elementals are Size+2Weight which means that a Medium sized Earth elemental is a Huge weight creature.
And this pressure plate will only be pushed by 2 Medium weights, which is a man in full plate mail and other equipment.
And there is a bridge which cannot support anymore then a Small weight.

This chart is pritty much how encumberance works
1 Medium weight equals
4 Small weights equals
16 Tiny weights equals
64 Fine weights equals
256 Diminuative weights
For Torches are a Fine weight, and rope is a Tiny weight, and Swords are a Small weight, and Lether armor is a Small weight also

You can strive to find the flaws in this system and it won't be hard, but it certanly makes life eisyer. I hope you like it, and I also hope that is is found in 4E.
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