Tumbling and Initiative

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Let me preface this by saying that I generally like what they did with skills in Saga edition. While I think the exact breakdown for D&D should be different, I do appreciate the overall intent. It may also be that the Skill Focus feat should function a bit differently (skill increases +1 per level instead of +1 per two levels?) to keep low to high level balance better.

With that said, one thing I like is that not only did they make Initiative a skill, they also made it the basis for resisting Feint attempts in combat (based on the Deception skill). I just wish they'd taken it a couple steps farther. So my suggestions:

1. Instead of an opposed skill check, just make the DC for a feint attempt equal to 10+opponent's Initiative skill +5 if opponent is animal +10 if opponent is mindless.

2. Mix together jump, climb, swim into an athletics skill. Have it also include some modifier to running (perhaps running is a straight move of 3x speed at DC 10, 4x speed at DC20, 5x speed at DC30, etc.)

3. Keep the acrobatics skill from Saga, but rewrite the tumble action as: Take a move action to move a total distance equal to one half your base speed. Make an acrobatics skill check to avoid attacks of opportunity from any opponent's that would normally be able to take them. DC for the skill check is 10+opponent's initiative skill+5 if you attempt to move through an opponent's space. If your skill check is lower than the DC you receive attacks of opportunity from each opponent that is able to make them whose DC you did not reach. If you missed the skill check while moving through an opponent's space you are instead stopped before entering the opponent's space.