Will BAB and character progression be like it is in Star Wars?

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Honestly, while it took some getting used to, I really like how the Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook (SECR) tackled BAB, i.e., progression for one strike and if you wanted multiple strikes, you took feats to accomplish that.

Couple that with a bonus to damage equalling half your CR and I think SECR's approach is much nicer.

So, what's WotC's approach here?

Also, how come Feats and Skills are getting their own boards? Again, I'm wondering how much Feats and Skills will resemble their SECR counterparts.
That seems to be the hint from all that I've seen. I am taking the basics of class and combat mechanics are going to pretty much straight from Saga with allowances for magic enhancements, armor more frequent use, and the like.
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