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Just a thought. It has been attempted in the past (even with basic D&D in a somewhat altered form).

Ability List
Low-light vision 30'/60'/120'
Darkvision 30'/60'
+2 bonus to a specific skill.
+1 bonus to one type of save.
Size: Small, Medium, Large.
Simple weapon proficiency-single weapon
Simple weapon proficiency-any 3
Simple weapon proficiency-all
Martial Weapon proficiency-single weapon (requires SWP)
Martial Weapon proficiency-any 3
Martial Weapon proficiency-all
Exotic Weapon proficiency-treat as martial weapon.
Exotic Weapon proficiency-single weapon
Armor proficiency-light
Armor proficiency-medium (requires AP-light)
Armor proficiency-heavy (requires AP-medium)
Shield proficiency-light (buckler)
Shield proficiency-medium/heavy (requires SP-light)
Shield proficiency-tower (requires SP-medium/heavy)

Upgraded hit die (base d4)
Each additional favored save category.

Spellcasting-hybrid. Will affect cost of all weapon, armor and shield abilities. (Double?)
Spellcasting-full. Arcane or Divine. Will affect cost of all weapon, armor and shield abilities. (Triple?). Purchase again to obtain access to other (Arcane or Divine) spells. Taking this twice will not further impact cost of weapon, armor, and shield abilities.

Spell-like ability. (example: Speak with Animal)
Supernatural ability. (example: Turn Undead, breath weapon, wild shape)
Extraordinary ability. (example: Uncanny Dodge, fast movement, natural attacks, natural armor, etc.)

I suppose to simplify we could reduce some of the categories and make them more generic.

The next step would be to impose cost. The easiest would be to say everyone has x points for character creation. You can divide these points between abilities, characteristics, and skills. You reduce costs by phasing in abilities or taking flaws/faults/drawbacks.

Workable? Or forget the idea and stick with Hero, GURPS, FUDGE, or ???
If I get what you're trying to sugest, than I think you're in the wrong place.

That's the kind of stuff that just isn't D&D, so we probably won't be seeing it around in any editions of the system.

So, yeah, it might be workable if you homebrew and work on it A LOT. But you won't see it in 4e.;)
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