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Has it ever bothered anyone that the ships listed as available transport in the PHB have the speed of a donkey mounted on a starving peasant?

Also, that there are lots of tidbits that mention "This would be ideal for an aquatic campaign..." but then there's nothing to support it?

(And please don't mention Stormwrack -- it was probably the single most disappointing 3.5 splatbook for me.)

It'd make my day if 4th ed. were more supportive of this, 'cause I'd really like to run/play in more pirate, exploration, and generally ocean based things, but I'm tired of having to make up things as I go along.

I guess this is more of a wishlist post, but I'm also curious... Is this something that other people are interested in, or just me?
The reality is that very few people are like you. So there's very little financial incentive for WotC to put out aquatic stuff.

The solution? Bring more people into D&D. Expand it from the niche-market nerd game it is now. With enough people demanding content, it'll get written.
Conan's Pirate Isle's has some decent 3.x info in it, though I think it's out of print. The system is the best OGL best sword and sorcery game I've played. It's very gritty and low magic though.
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