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Any word on a new Modern rulebook?
Current word from WotC is:

- Modern will be revisited after 4e is out the door, but nothing will see the light of day 'til after '08.
- There will be an announcement of sorts regarding Modern on Gleemax sometime within the next two months.

Knowing a "Modern 2.0" is on the way, is helpful, but depressing given the time frame. So I'm doing a home conversion I'm calling "Modern Saga." If you own SWSE, you'll be able to play it. I'll be making postings on the Modern boards when I have the files done.
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awesome dood, thanks alot
The problem I have with Saga-izing d20 Modern is that there's one fundamental difference.
The class system of d20 Modern isn't based on archetypes in any way shape or form. It's one of the things I like most about d20 Modern.
I think Saga's class & skill system works beautifully for a defined campaign setting with archetypal character classes, but unfortunately d20 Modern is so open-ended that you can't really make archetype-based classes. It's the problem that the developers ran into before. They originally had some 60 base classes (police, doctor, soldier, etc...), but it was just too bloated. With the generic ability score-based classes, they found a way to incorporate the flexibility of today's world without having literally hundreds of different classes. The Saga/4e skill system just won't work with the d20 Modern class system.
(unless you're much more clever than I am, and are somehow able to make it work) :P
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