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I thought they were trying to streamline 4th edition so new people could play? That dragon fight didn't look too streamlined to me. That dragon was using all sorts of crazy actions. I was never really a fan of swift/immediate actions myself. Some of the stuff they've been talking about has just seemed to be more complicated than 3.5.

Also, does reading these 4e forums scare the crap out of anyone else? Talk about anxiety, its the speculation thats killing me.
Off topic, but your sig is really annoying. You just whine about this board over and over in it.

Carry on.
I totally agree with you about the anxiety on the boards. It seems pretty evident that Wizards is going to come into everyone's house, loot all their money, burn up all of their 3.5 books, kick their dog on the way out, all while casting a 2e wish declaring that "They you will never be happy again." This accomplished, they ride out of town laughing maniachially. ;)

BTW, where did you see the Dragon fight, I must have missed this. Please place a link.

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