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Though this would add a step to character creation I would love to see background skills built into character creation. For me these are the Craft, Knowledge, Perform and Profession skills. It seems to me that when faced with the choice between a background skill and an adventuring skill (Bluff, Climb, Disable Device, etc...) that players usually take the adventuring skill. This is perfectly fine in my opinion, however, there is one drawback... the background skills are often abandoned in favor of those skills which are more commonly used in an adventure.

This is not to say that the background skills are not used in adventures... in fact good adventures often make use of them in some shape form or fashion, but it seems that perhaps there could be a middle ground where a character gains a number of background skills for free at character creation... whether this should be based on Intelligence modifier or some other mechanic I'm not certain, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this idea and whether or not you'd like to see something like this in 4e.
I absolutely agree. Most of the gamers I know are very much into their characters backgrounds, especially for ongoing home campaigns. To be able to add things like that gives the character a life before adventuring. Realistically, it must makes sense. They didn't just pop into being prior to game 1. It would be nice to incorporate some basic skills and a profession (if the player chooses) into the character creation. If nothing else, it would add a little variety to the gaming group and help to make each character unique.
I think that with the seperation between battle encounter party roles and social encounter roles, a differince in "background" and "adventure" skills would probably also be appropriate. It would be a nice thing in my opinion to see.
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