Aerial Combat, Flight Maneuverability, 3-Dimensional Movement

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I was trying to find anybody asking about the flying rules, maneuverability and three dimensional combat in the new edition. Couldn't find anything.

So, I'm asking the developers if they're working on it. If so... uh... hey... how's it going? What kind of problems are you encountering? What kind of goals do you have for three-dimensional combat? Is it going to get the niche-neglect treatment that it really got in 3rd ed?

Because, truly, I think it needs serious, expanded attention. Three-dimensional combat is an important part of a lot of D&D games, or it would be if the rules were better. Lots of the mid and higher-level stuff allows parties to fly. Either on flying steeds, or under their own power, be it physical or magical or pseudo-technological. Combat happens in the air and underwater, not just on the 2d battlemat.

I'd say that after 10th level in my games, all of the out-of-doors combat involved flying stuff, but a lot of the time people just stayed on the ground because the aerial combat rules were a little... meh.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what they look like, and if any of the community has suggestions for aerial combat rules, I'd love to see them.
Yeah, I agree. The problem is, how do you represent 3D tactical positioning on a gaming table?
Not just with flying combat either. Ranged fighting in a 3d environement (e.g., shooting from castle walls on enemies below) could use some juice.
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Yeah, I agree. The problem is, how do you represent 3D tactical positioning on a gaming table?

Heigh markers or actual lifted battlements and staves.

I've got a set of magnetic disks I use for Warmachines.
Yeah, they put in a few sops to 3-dimensional movement in 3rd Edition. You get the little bonus for higher ground and whatnot. It's just been my experience that after a certain level, more combats are flying combats than not. It becomes the rule, rather than the exception. So, I'd like to see it extensively dealt with, rather than being an afterthought.

I'm not even that bothered about representing it physically, on the board. As has been said, a couple dice or something under the mini can mark heights, or you can put a height tracker beside the board. Whatever it is, I'd like to see these things in the PHB. 3-dimensional combat is important. It's not a niche rule. It's been a problem in just about every game of D&D I've ever played that passed 5th level.

I'm thinking maybe... I dunno. Facing rules? More attention paid to maneuverability rules? Suggestions?
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