Non-scaling options

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I was browsing the PH2 the other day, and it struck me that a lot of the really cool feats and abilities don't turn up until sometime after 10th level. If you're playing a low-level game, you simply don't get the opportunity to use them.

It strikes me that a lot of these problems can be traced to two mechanics, one ancient, one relatively modern. The ancient mechanic is d6/level on spells. The more modern equivalent is iterative attacks. Having spells deal d6/level (or any linear scaling system) ultimately sets the benchmark for the value of an action. Iterative attacks are an attempt to allow martial types to keep up. Together, both constrain what sort of options you can give.

If you provide too many ways to "do more" with an action, these break as you get the inherent increase by level. If you limit these mechanisms to self-deprecate as you increase in level, then you get feats or abilities that become dead-weight at higher levels.

Hopefully, the removal of d6/level mechanics will clear the way for more "cool moves" in low level combat.