No more favored classes or multiclassing penalties!

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At least officially. In 3e and 3.5, prestige classes without experience penalties mostly eliminated the point of favored classes where prestige classes were allowed. It seems silly that all PHB dwarves in 3.5 had a favored class of fighter when dwarven culture also promotes clerics.

Remember that favored classes come into play only when a character multiclasses.

Second point: There was little purpose to giving paladins and monks a penalty such that they couldn't return to their original class after multiclassing, with some exceptions. This was done for flavor, not mechanics, and seems more pointless than favored classes. Perhaps include a sidebar or insert suggesting to DMs as an optional rule that such restrictions be enforced. (I find it awkward that clerics, the supposedly most devoted of classes in the PHB, lack this restriction.)
Thank you Endarire. The penalties of multiclassing should be inherent to multiclassing. The game should system should not need any arbitrary penalties to multiclassing!!! Please think on this designers!

On another note, Favored classes only encouraged more parties to be human only, and only encourages shoehorning on races which does not = fun.

Yes, and the arbitrary multiclassing restrictions on Monk and Paladin must go! Look at classes as a set of abilities!! A fighter can be holy and call himself a Paladin. A rogue can be an unorthodox warrior and call himself such!
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