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I'm not sure where exactly to post this, but some of the stuff I've read gets me thinking:

Monk and Bard won't be in the PHB. Gnomes might not either. Some of us are disappointed that we'll have to wait another year for these to debut in the PHB 2.

But it has occurred to me, just because they will appear in PHB 2, doesn't mean that will be their first appearance. We know that there will be online content, but I'm not entirely clear on what exactly that content will be.

It seems possible that we will see a version of Monk and Bard appear online in 2008. They might release Gnomes online before the FR book, though I would still prefer to keep them in the PHB.

Any thoughts?
If they do not put gnomes in the PHB, then they will most likely be in MM1 in a racial entry. Perhaps Monks will be in the DMG?
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I don't think there will be any classes in the DMG, except maybe prestige classes.
Actually, thinking about the talent-tree and feat set ups, I had kind of thought:
Monk follows the fighter archetype with unarmed combat related feats and talent-tree.
Ranger follows the fighter archetype with a talent-tree, feats, and skills to represent that classes distinct talents; ditto the barbarian.
Paladin becomes a prestige class, goods answer to the blackguard (with alignment no longer a game mechanic, some abilities of both of the will have to be substantially changed).
Cleric defines the faith-based archetype.
Druid follows the cleric archetype, with its own talent tree, skill and feat selection.
Rogue is its own archetype.
With the new spell system, sorcerer and wizard likely fold in together with styles and specialties defined by feat selection and talent-trees.
Bard is a great support character but folds into no archetype, no matter WHAT crowbar you use...this is my guess as to why it was dropped from the core classes. Perhaps it will go back to becoming a prestige class (it was 1st editions ONLY PrC).
What has been released does not quite map on the above, but it is close enough for seeing why the monk has been dropped (can be built as a fighter focused on unarmed combat as the weapon of choice) and the bard as well.
Cutting the gnome from the core classes is less clear...perhaps they want to shift its role to NPC fey creatures, maybe a member or two of the design staff got pranked one time to many by one of the little gits! I like them, myself...
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