Multiclassing -- argh, more details?

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Apparently the new multiclass rules seem to be working so far, from what we've all heard. It doesn't sound like they went down the road of 'gestalt' characters as shown in Unearthed Arcana as one of the designers mentioned wanting to try a ranger/cleric/wizard...or...? Hmm.

Apparently it's still modular, as in 3.*. I wonder if perhaps they slow down the accumulation of powers by one level/core class? For example, let's say I create a fighter 1/wizard 1. He gains HP, saves (or resistance, whatever) as what we would regard as normal. However, upon reaching ftr 2/wiz 2 he doesn't get additional uses and in fact have to wait until becoming a ftr 3/wiz 3 before advancing in uses at will/per encounter/per day. Add a 3rd core class and there's an additional level's delay. Maybe?

Just an off-hand thought.