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The biggest real problem with 3e at this point is that so much expansion material has been added that keeping track is a mess. It occurs to me that updating a concept from 2e could be used to help control this problem from the start.

2e had the idea of some rules being labeled optional in the rules. For 4e I was thinking this could be expanded so that the rules where marked core, expansion, optional and radical.

Core rules would be the base game. DMs would be free to change it of course, but would have to accept that other material might not work with their universe if they change this part of the game. And people joining the game would know that these rules are assumed unless the DM says otherwise.

Expansion would be things that build on the core rules with out altering them. The additions that don't change the underlying balance of the game, but for which there are so many that not all can be included in every universe. Additional races, classes and feats primarily. The things you need to get DM approval before taking and which pretty much every campaign will include some but not all of.

Optional would be things that do alter the game a bit. Races and Classes that are built on mechanics that not every universe even has and which fundamentally change the game. Things like Psionics and magic item crafting oriented characters.

And finally Radical would be for really exotic stuff. Things that fundamentally alter the basis of the game. God level characters, whole new magic systems, things on that level. Radical material would be like changing the core rules, stuff where you have gone so far outside normal setup that the DM will have to adjust a lot to fit on their own.

This wouldn't cover everything of course, since DMs would be free to pick and choose bits to include and some power gaming exploits require mixing and matching rules that are balanced on their own. But it would provide a basic guide.

Books could be labeled at the section level or even at the entire book level if it is all at the same level. DMs then would have at least a guide for how central something is and how much including it will change the game. And players would have a guide for which parts they can assume are standard rules and which parts are expansion material they need to ask the DM about.

Don't we do this already. I don't ever assume that because it was written buy some one hiredby the game company that is gospel, engraved in stone or even relavent. If I see something I like in a rule book I want to use doesn't mean everything in that book is getting used. There is way too much garbage associated with publishing one to three books a month for it all to be 'THE RULES'. Making labels for content other than official would seem like the developer was essentially admitting to inferior or useless dribble. I say nay. Keep it as is. Buy only that, which fits in your world, or budget.
Not financially sound. Will never happen.