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Don't know where to put this subject, so I just picked a random forum.

One thing I would love to see, coming back to D&D, is the box sets we had in 2nd edition. The book was divided in to smaller booklets, often divided in the Players' book and the DM's, which made it easy to find information that was relevant for the players, without having to make certain they did not read the information you wanted to keep secret.
Also we often got maps, already divided from the books, which just are more convenient.

Last, we got a box. I love boxes. I can use them as a screen. I can use them to move my miniatures in. I can use them to hit smart mouthing players with, and even throw it after the cat, without being afraid of damaging an important book.

Also, it is an opportunity for WotC to put in a few relevant miniatures in the box relevant for the information within, maybe even a cardboard house or ruin.
I agree. In fact, on a poll WOTC did a while back, I mentioned this very thing. Bring back the boxes. Include multiple books, miniature sized maps, and even minis critical to the adventure.

Imagine this:

For, let's say $60, you get:

  • An adventure that goes from 1st to 5th level.
  • A miniature for every monster used in the adventure. (Let's assume 20 minis, many of course would be used multiple times.)
  • Miniature scale maps for every planned encounter. (Let's assume 15 maps.)
  • A small book for the players that has 10-15 pre-generated PCs complete with proposed backgrounds and story hooks.
  • A book for the DM that has the adventure in it.
  • An appendix book that includes stats for nonstandard monsters, new magic items, town/city details, etc.

I think WOTC could do that and make a profit, and I know I'd buy it!
For around $60, you'd get everything you need for a few months of gaming.
FYI, this topic really took off here:
I'd really like to see someone from WOTC comment.
It's not a bad idea. There was something cool about the old 2E boxed sets. The question is whether it will sell. I think it could if they could keep the price point low enough.

I do like the idea of the complete set, with minis and everything, but I think they might have an easier time selling it if the minis were cut and the price were closer to $40.

This might also be a good place to put maps for the Skirmish game, though all such maps would probably have to be made available in other ways as well, much like the Drow Outpost.
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