Using Saga to run a 4e "preview game."

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Any ideas on what you would include in this type of scenario? My thoughts are:

Use the Saga Defense system (Reflex, Fortitude and Will). This would require a change in how Spell saves are handled. Instead of having them rolled by the target, it would be rolled by the caster using the formula of d20 + 1/2 Character Level (or maybe it should be Caster Level) + Ability Modifier (Int for Wiz, Cha for Sorc, Wis for Cleric, etc...).

Eliminate Multiple attacks and replace with the formula of attacks do Weapon Damage + 1/2 Character Level (+ Str Modifier for Melee Attacks)

Include Saga Armor Rules.

Include Second Wind rule.

Use Saga Skills.

Use some Saga Feats (like Armor Use stuff, extra Attack stuff, etc...)

Use Critical Hit rules from Saga (not sure if all damage should stay as x2 or use the multiplier as listed in D20. Also should I include Improved Critical stuff, Feats, Keen ability, etc...)

Some specific Questions I have would be:

How do you suggest handling Poison? I couldn't find references to it in Saga
Sounds interesting. Saga probably hints at a lot of the changes in 4E. I would also suggest using the condition track and have poison be a persistent condition (until its treated).
How do you suggest handling Poison?

If memory serves, you make an attack vs. Reflex with the weapon, and poison has its own attack value, which is rolled against the target's Fort defense.
I've done this. Check the FantaSAGA thread in the star wars section. The only thing I haven't tried yet was poison. It is handled, though, that one attack roll is made. If the attack beats reflex def. it hits the person. If it also beats the fortitude, then it poisons them, as well.

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