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In responding to this thread I mused that perhaps the PHB will contain a kind of all-star team of deities rather than use those of a specific setting the way 3E did. By this I mean that the default pantheon presented in the core books would be a list deities draw from many different sources. So a few gods would be chosen from each campaign setting and from various historical and cultural sources.

Anyway, having come up with that idea I started thinking about what my list of cherry picked deities would look like. So here is my list. Read and tell me what you think I have right and what you think is stupid. And please post your own lists, I am curious what other people come up with.

From Greyhawk/DnD:
-All the racial gods: Moradin, Lolth, Grumish, etc [most DnD unique of the gods, used in multiple settings, leaves room for all those monster specific gods mentioned in the monster manual]
-Tiamat and Bahamut [again most uniquely dnd, mentioned in MM]
-Asmodeus [the ultimate archdevil is totally awesome and you know it, plus fits many peoples idea of the "devil" the source of evil]
-Vecna [again I must cite awesomeness plus a whole bunch of published adventures and other material]

From FR
-Tempus [a battle god that is not evil or good, the name makes a great battle cry]
-Lathander [sun god, always seemed a truer representation of a mythological deity to me and less the purpose built DnD deity to me]
-Shar [can introduce negative/shadow magic into more settings, is a fairly unique concept of evil as a negative or entropic force]
-Selune (sp?) [a moon goddess with connections to lycanthropes, opposite for Shar, completes a thematic trio with Shar (dark night) and Lathander (sun)]
-Talos [eye patch and removeable hands are very evocative and destruction is good]
-Silvanous [perfect example of a wild nature deity]

From Eberron [all chosen for examples of non-deity religions]
-The Silver Flame [based on dead martyr and living prophet, example of how a LG religion can have a sinister side]
-The Undying Court [example of ancestor worship, even if somewhat creepy]
-Dragon Below [monster/creature worship without a deity]
-Path of light (did I get that right?) [religion based on ideals not worship]

From Dragonlance [tough to port in because so integrated with story and dragons]
-Gilean [only prominent neutral god]

From Greek/Roman
-Hades [my favourite death god, there is a plane with his name on it, gives the plane role as land of dead, give yudoloths role as keepers of the dead]
-Athena [a goddess of beauty and love that can be capricious and vengeful]
-Artemis [for forests, hunter and rangers without being a purpose built DnD god for those things]
-Demeter [need a patron/matron of growing food]

From Norse
-Thor [even if you didn't agree with me on Asmodeus and vecna you gotta be on the same page with me here]
-Loki [I like the idea of a trickster god, plus good antagonist]
-Tyr [already familiar to many thru FR, justice is good]

-maybe Quetzalcoatl [patron and protector of humans, am I getting that right?]

-Thoth [knowledge is good, tho perhaps with a more human depiction]

-Vishnu (protectors, crusaders, paladins and so on)

-Zervan [time]

I know it is a long list (I couldn't help myself) and rather eurocentric (I did my best). I didn't make sure it covers all the needed bases either (alignments and classes). Maybe I'll refine and re-post later.

I didn't put Hercules in because I didn't think there was room for both him and Thor (Thor has the hammer so he won on cool points). I also didn't include a deity of magic on purpose. I have never liked the idea of a particular god having dominion over magic. Also the most obvious choice to me was Mystra from FR and she comes with too much baggage.

So anyone else got a list?
For my Home-brew i simplified lists of Gods by combining gods into one being with different personas in different areas of the world (FR just has too many) while the core dosent have much options outside of traditional fantasy. heres what i got...

Egytpian, Norce, Shinto, and D&D Core
Pelor, Ra, Odin, Ameratsu LG
Obi-Hai, Isis, Inari, Skadi NG
Boccob, Thoth, Fraya, Tenjin CG
Heironious, Horus, Bishamoten, Forseti
Nerull, Osiris, Baldur, Izanami (I envision a True N Death God, i know not everyone has this vision)
Olidamara, Frigga, Hathor, Daikoku

ect ect ect,

you can easly add meld in the greek pantheon and others as well. In addition to this "core list" of multi-faced gods (All races, but primarly Humans worship this pantheon) there are 4 Elven Gods (Corellion, Sehain ect.) 2 Drow(Lolth), 4 Dwarven (Moradin), 4 Ork (Grummsh), 3 Ogre, ect all in there own pantheon, i hope to see something like this in 4th where you see familier gods, (really do you want deities to be new or familier?) with lots of different options (when someone picks a cleric or other divine class they want an "image" of a good that fits there character "image") and racial gods (Grummsh, Corellion, Moradin) are just a good idea that makes D&D different/iconic.
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