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I did my best to search the wish list thread with its 1600+ posts and couldn't find anyone already talking about this there already.

I want a knew kind of monster manual.

I love monster manuals, always have, and I am not proposing replacing the traditional MM. Instead I want to have a second type of MM to go along with it. Something like the menace manual in d20 modern. I want a book that is filled with pre-generated npcs and advanced monsters, both generic and unique.

I have never found the npc tables and generators to properly fill the need of DMs to have a stock of readily available npcs. They are never truly instant, there is always some work to be done. And they never seem to cover as many options and possibilities as I would like.

So here are some of the many possible features such a book could contain:

- Ready made npc archetypes: the city guard, the soldier, the knight, the temple acolyte, the war wizard, the rival adventurer, the bounty hunter, the tribal shaman, the street thief, and on and on.

- Each of these would be presented at multiple levels (low, mid, high, or whatever). So if a DM needs pick pockets or city watch patrol that s still a concern for his players, even after they are powerful enough to wipe the floor with 1st level stooges, he has those options right at his finger tips.

- You can get more mileage out of those iconic but low-level creatures and races from the Monster Manual, such as orcs, ogres, drow, and giants. Create 2-4 archetypes for each of those races or creatures and again provide stats at multiple levels of power.

For example for orcs you could have ready-made tribal shamans and berserkers. For elves you could have npc bladesingers, arcane archers and minstrels.

- You could build big organizations, such as a thieves guild or the Zhentarim in FR. Give a variety of different typical members each offered at various levels.

- You could build a typical example of a remote abbey of monks complete with maps and stats for everyone you'd
usually find there, find novices to the master of the abbey.


You could have a typical wizards guild, complete with guildhouse and the members likely to be i attendance at any given time.


A dark cult of Asomdeus, hidden beneath the streets of the city, complete with acolytes, the high priest and the evil paladin that is the champion of the temple.

- This could also be a place for unique individuals and creatures such as archfiends (grazzt anyone?), iconic npcs for a campaign setting (Mordenkainen or Mirt the Moneylender) or just a more fulling fleshed out generic npcs (such as Thom the merry wandering minstrel with a secret dark past).

As a frequent DM I know this would be a real boon to me and make my life much easier. Plus it give WotC a whole new product line.
As much as I hated MM4, I am in agreeance with this. I'd like to see a "Rogue's Gallery" sort of book that just lists various NPCs you can use to eyeball stats for NPCs in the game. Like the old Rogue's galleries of old, put in a few detailed NPCs that can be brought in as cohorts, a nemesis or even a BBEG.

This could be a series; a generic book for D&D, one for FR (with Zhents, Thayians, Purple Dragons, Harpers, etc.), one for Eberron (with Dragonmarked, Artificers, scions of the Five Nations, Emerald Fist agents, etc.), one for Greyhawk (with The Watch, March Riders, Pomarj Raiders, etc.), etc.

1E Rogue's Gallery

2E Rogue's Gallery

I guess 3E's rogue's gallery might be considered Exemplars of Evil (though it only has 8 NPCs, not dozens or hundreds).
I would like to see monsters to become more generic and less level based.
This is the kind of niche that often winds up being filled by third parties under the OGL. AEG had a book of NPCs IIRC.

FWIW, the character generator in DDI is supposed to have premade NPCs, and/or quick creation of them on the spot.
Oh by the gods this is a great idea. I would LOVE a book of 100+ pages of premade fully equipped/prepared spell list NPC's.

I would consider such a book a 4th Core Rulebook.
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