D&D != Star Wars, so keep skills seperate

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I like the Star Wars Saga system, however, if similar ideas are brought to D&D, please, for goodness sake, keep learned skille seperate *pleads, begs* ;)
For example, do not dump all "crafting" skils into "Crafting". That's very silly and cheapens the game, also, D&D is hugely different from Star Wars, or Modern d20.

In most fantasy worlds, there's nothing like the Internet, common public libraries, TV and the like, this causes, and did cause in the past, a huge difference in how easy it was for people to learn things.

For example: Crafting should be made into:
Craft - Woodwork
Craft - Metalwork
Craft - Stonework
Craft - Jewellry
Each of those is recognizable, simplifies things. You cannot have D&D where "Craft - (Anything)" makes sense! People have to learn under a master or form a long time of trial and error, not from a book. Each type of crafting is very different.

A simple mechanic might also be, to allow greater specialization in a narrow area of skill, say "Craft - Jewellry (GemCutting), giving +2 rolls to cut/facet/polish gems, but -2 penalty on other type of Jewelry making?

Likewise, each of the Knowledge type should be kept seperate. So rulers and others greatly respect/need experts and wizards learned in Knowledge skills.
However, Knowledge-Monster Lore should be added, to remove the silly current rules, linking knowledge of monsters to certain things. While I can see a Priest wise and learned in Knowledge-Religion would know a bit about Undead, why does it HAVE to give you such knowledge, hm? And why would Knowledge-Dungeoneering give knowledge of abberations when many such are not found in caves anyway? Thus, having "Monster Lore" as it's own "Knowledge" type is a good idea.

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I don't think you have to worry, as I believe there was a quote that suggested (vaguely) that skill points were still in (in some fashion).

However, for what it's worth, Crafting isn't what D&D is about. It's about adventuring. So smoothing over that area of the skills shouldn't be a big deal.
Umm, Knowledge skills ARE separate in SWS. I would assume certain other D&D skills that would make sense to be separate (Profession, Craft) would be as well.

And count me as a vote for putting in SWS' skills system. It rocks.
I like your idea for Craft specifications (Woodwork, Metalwork, Stonework, and Jewelry), but I like the Saga deal for skills.

(You should put in some skill for working leather and hides and stuff though!)
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