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Exciting news for all of those that wanted rules for mass combat. Take a look here at Mike Meals' Blog on things he's playtesting this upcoming week.

[INDENT]* A kobold warren, with lots of traps.
* A big map of a wilderness, with lots of vague notes on what's in each area, run mostly improvised as the PCs wander around and get in trouble. Basically, my own version of Wilderlands of High Fantasy. (Kudos to Jeff Rients for the idea.)
* A Forgotten Realms campaign.
* Playtests of H1.

What is H1? Well, H1 is Bloodstone Pass, a Battlesystem Module. For those that are realitively new, Battlesystem was a simplistic Mass Combat system for D&D 1st Edition. It was kinda goofy, and they made a videogame based off it roughly, and sometimes it could be fun.

So, what this suggests to me is that you're going to be having Mass Combat become core in (probably) the DMG. For a lot of people, this will be "It's about time".

I'm just excited that I might have posted this first, though. :D
Of course, H1 could just be a new codename for something completely unrelated to Battle System...
Na. X# format is to familiar to oldtimers. It's defiantly a hint. Of course, it might be a hint directed at the D&D Mini's people, and not at the RPG'ers, but whenever people start mentioning letter followed by number, I'm more then willing to bet that it's about a Module.
The 'H' stands for Heroic I believe. I have read (sorry I don't remember where ATM) that adventures are grouped in categories coinciding with the character level groupings of Heroic (lvs 1-10), Paragon (11-20), and Epic (21-30).

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This still doesn't sound like mass combat to me. Kobold warrens are places where you can stick a lot of nooks and cranies, bottlenecks, etc.

What I -- and from what I gathered on the Wish List thread, at least a few others -- are really looking for is something that lets you have marching armies, or marauding bands of orcs/goblins/etc facing off against a small party defending some small keep -- the sort of thing that the Lord of the Ring movies really showcased.

This doesn't necessarily have to be 100% core in my minds -- stats for ballistas and weapons mounted to war elephants could be in a Heroes of Battle-esque suppliment (one of my favorite 3.5 books, by far.)

But it would be nice if 4th Edition was playtested out to see how, say, high level characters balanced against low-level threats -- it would be nice if large numbers of low-level mooks could still pose some kind of threat to high-level characters, although obviously the need to have them not overpower their more conventional low-level opponents applies. And anything that reduces the amount of bookkeeping DMs have to do in mass combat helps greatly.
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