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I wasn't sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong forum, could a moderator please move it?

Anyways, I have tried asking the sage about this, but he appears to be on some sort of warforged kick.

Will 4e have any feats that can only be used by characters with exceptional attribute scores? I think it would be awesome if a character with 18 STR for instance could do things with that strength that "mere weaklings" couldn't. I know some feats were restricted in 3.5 to those with 13's and whatnot, but I was thinking something beyond that.

I think this would make those higher attribute scores more special, and help the cause of making it more "about you" rather than your stuff.
The problem with such feats is that they don't scale well with different races. A "super-strong" pixie will still have a lower Str score than a weakling Storm Giant.
The problem with such feats is that they don't scale well with different races. A "super-strong" pixie will still have a lower Str score than a weakling Storm Giant.

It shouldn't matter all that much. A pixie can hardly be expected to perform feats of strength on par with a giant.

There is a limit to "balance". If every character could take the feat, it would hardly be special.
Well, 3 and 3.5 had feats like that in the epic side of things, as I recall. There were usually other requirements other than bare ability scores, though, to keep thing balanced, since what would be fine for a 20th+ level human fighter to accomplish would be a bit overpowering in the hands or paws of, say, a minotaur journeying with PCs of the appropriate level.
Isn’t the perk for having a high ability score, you know, the high ability score?
Isn’t the perk for having a high ability score, you know, the high ability score?

To a degree, yes, but there's always something just a little outside the basic stats that someone of great ability 'could do'.
I can sort of see this.

I mean when you just take the time to look at the carrying capacity of someone with say 28 strength, just the light load is insane. If you think about what you could do with such superhuman strength in real life it's just mind boggling. Extra damage, and a higher burst DC/Grapple check just doesn't seem like enough when the entire other person, all their gear, and then some is little more than a light load to you. I mean, if they were compacted into the size of a baseball, you could pick them up in one hand and pitch them.

If you're going to have superhuman stats, what they actually insinuate needs to be taken into account.

However, I'm not sure purchasing feats is the best way to do this, I mean such strength is such strength on its own.
The trouble is that this would just add more incentive to min-max stats and make an already powerful option that much more powerful.

I would be good with your idea of feats for extreme stats if they add options rather than add power. A feat that makes your melee attacks more deadly/damaging/effective would lead to min-max problems, while giving a new option, such as picking up and throwing a opponent would be cool.

What I mean to say is that if the feats simply make you better at those things that a high strength already makes you better at then it is out, but if the feat gives you the ability to do something not available to weaker characters that is in. It sets the strength of your characters apart from other more mundane strongmen without being unbalancing in simply adding more power onto something that is already quite powerful.

Also I like the idea of this sort of thing not requiring an extreme stat. The requirement could be only a well-above average score of say 13.

After all what you are looking for is feats to differentiate a strong character with a high score from a true powerhouse for whom strength is more than just a number on a sheet. I like this idea, but should it not also be possible to differentiate a run of the mill 13 strength from a truly exceptionally 13 strength. The first just happens to be able to lift that much while the second isn't built powerfully enough to lift any more than the first but has trained and mastered feats of strength, leverage and muscle control within that realm of strength. I think of martial artists breaking boards or guys driving nails into a piece of wood with their bare hands. In the rules both would be feats of strength but they rely of technique more than raw physical power and the practitioners are not necessarily muscle bound.
take a look at the virtual size categories in the Epic Beastiary
How about perk feats for 18+ stats that can only be taken at 1st level?

I mean at 1st level if your "bare" stat is 18+ you've been dealing with being the strongest person in your village since you about 12. Or if it's your intelligence that ends up a 18+ you have been Einstein since you were a kid.

But I also think that if you get a perk feat for having the high stat you should also get some small prohibition or limit. So you have an 18+ can't bring yourself to touch babies, not after the bruise you once left on your niece by accident when you tried to catch her when she fell. But exactly what it is for each character would need to be dealt with by the DM.

It incorporates the idea of the superhumanoid stat, but brings it all back to role playing instead of being just another buff for a character that probably doesn't need one.
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