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I've been looking online for Keep on the Shadowfell to run with a group but I can't find anything that isn't like $70+. Why is that?  Anything that's under that is used and not in good condition or missing some parts and even then $30+ is expensive for something that is damaged or missing pieces. So what gives?

Keep on the Shadowfell is free




As for other adventures, your local game shop should sell them at cover price or less. Check Amazon and Ebay as well. If you see something priced to high, dont buy it.

Oh is there somewhere I can get the map though to use during the encounters?  Or what else could I use?

The adventure, even if you have a hard copy, doesnt have printed poster maps to cover every encounter. In fact, the only WOTC-published 4e adventure that does have poster maps for every encounter (and someone correct me if I am wrong) is the red box. Thus, you will always need to have alternative methods for making battle maps. You can get some tiles and approximate encounter areas, or you can buy a dry-erase battle map to create locations that maps dont cover, I personally use both,

Awesome!  Thanks!  I'm not very good at drawing but is there a site that let's you generate dungeons?  And probably customize them would be a good option too



Has full sized printable maps of (almost) every published adventure.

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