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So I just moved to FL and I'm finding it really hard to find a store that holds Encounters.  Is this a normal thing?  Is D&D dying out?  I really need to find somewhere or a group to play with.  Any suggestions?  I've tried the forum here but no one has responded.

Did you tried the Store & Event Locator

Ha, I did. But unfortunately all the stores listed near me don't hold encounters anymore. So I had to go on meetup.com and find a group. I made an event and got about 8 people so far. 

I would also recommend joining D&D communities on Google+. Ive seen multiple 4e games on there. You can also check out the RPGTO forums to find online games. If you live near a game shop, you should give them a call anyway if you havent already, as not every one of them bothers registering with WOTC. Also check out the "Seeking Online Games Forums"; youre bound to find something eventually.

I live in Florida too and I find it hard to find 4e games here. Mostly what I see are Pathfinder games. Which is pretty annoying. I still get flustered when one says they've played Pathfider but never any edition of D&D. Or when they think every tabletop RPG must be Pathfinder when they see it. 

Come to 4ENCLAVE for a fan based 4th Edition Community.


What area of FL are you guys in?

Panhandle. Bay County. 

Come to 4ENCLAVE for a fan based 4th Edition Community.


It varies by region.  When I first started going to local Encounters sessions with the Dark Sun season, two years ago, there were two or three tables.  Today, the same venue has four.  In-between it's ranged from two to five.  


Quite recently they've changed the format from giving DMs materials for free to requiring they buy the adventure (or the store buy it for them).  That may have led to some venues dropping the program.  The adventures in question are about the only things being published for D&D right now, too, so there's not a whole lot for stores to sell, which makes hosting games less attractive to them, too.  







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I'm in Tampa. I used meetup.com and now have a group of 9 people to play with lol. 

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