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I am about to start a 4e Vampire class character as an NPC in my campaign and I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to clear up on my own.

Are Vampire characters turned by clerics in their own party?

Are they affected by turn/rebuke undead at all? 

Do Vryloka lose their racial trait Living Dead?

"Living Dead: Because your soul is tainted by undeath,you are both living and undead. If a power has different effects on living creatures and undead

creatures, you choose which effect applies to you."

Heroes of Shadow says nothing on the subject. It does say that vampires retain their souls and can be any race or alignment. Since hybrid clerics are possible, I do not think this is much of a problem, but I would like to be able to  hear others thoughts on it?

Well, first off, what do you mean by a Vampire NPC? Do you mean you, as DM, will create a PC to add to the party? (This is almost never a good idea. Create a companion character, which 4E has rules for, instead, and have a player run that.)

Otherwise, if you're just designing an NPC that is not part of the party, you should be aware that 4E has completely separate rules for designing monsters/NPCs from designing PCs. Just take a look at some Vampire monsters and adopt/adapt from there.

Anything containing the undead keyword is affected by powers like Turn/Rebuke undead. Note that it's not only clerics that have these powers in 4E.

Finally, take a look at some of the advice (including several recent threads) about the Vampire class in the Char Op forum. It is unequivocally the weakest design in the game, and you would be best avoiding it altogether as a PC and instead refluffing other game mechanics to create the flavor you want. The vampire heritage feats are pretty decent at this, and vryloka is okay.
I've always played in tiny groups. Most times just a DM and a player running 6-10 characters at a time. Sometimes there were 2 players and we split it between us, and I've always used a character as an NPC in my games. Companion characters are a cute idea, though.

The group I play with now is slightly larger (1 DM & 3 players) so for the party of 6 I have 2 players running 2 full characters, one with 1 and myself running the last, which is a Vampire/Paladin hybrid. I've always wanted to play one and this is basically the only way I will get to do it. I'll have fun with it regardless.

And for me, that's the whole point. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. 

And I did manage to find an answer to one of my questions in there, so thank you. 
An undead in a burst or blast that targeted all undead would be targeted just like a fighter would be targeted by a fireball that targeted all creatures.

Vrylocka get cool powers from the mysterious vampire goddess that made them so a true undead Vryloka would still have the racial trait of being able to pick living or undead. 
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