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I would like to thank M. Sean Molley for authoring a fantastic D&D Championship adventure! I would also like to thank the organizers and judges for their dedication that makes this possible!

This year saw a return to the formats of old. Adventures that allowed for exploration, problem solving, deciding to fight or not fight encounters etc. If you have drifted away from playing in the Championship because you did not like the 5 encounters that must be completed each in 45 minutes format, you can return home!

I'll post a play report some time soon to this thread. If anyone else in the championship has a play report, please post here as well!    
I wish I could get my grubby mitts on these!
It was fun for us judges, too, so you're welcome.

Sean wrote an adventure based on B4 The Lost City by Tom Moldvay. Not just combats, it even had a teenie bit of roleplaying. Sean has suggested that we might see this published in Dungeon or otherwise by Wizards, but there's no guarantee.


Thanks for the kind words re: the 2013 D&D Chamionship.  I am very happy with how the adventure turned out, as well as with how the tournament itself ran.  We have an amazing judge crew for the DDC and they did a phenomenal job.

Just to be clear, what I said was that I have asked WotC to consider releasing the adventure on their website in some form; since I don't work for Wizards except on a contract basis, that statement is based purely on my own hopes and not on any commitments made by anyone who can actually speak for WotC.  

It would of course be great if they wanted to run it in Dungeon, as I think the structure of the adventure fits that format well, but I have no reason to expect that they will do so, and no idea when the next opening in Dungeon's publication calendar is.  Plus the magazine staff would need to make an editing pass on the text, redo the layout, etc. which would consume time and resources.  

I do think that there is a non-zero chance of getting the adventure posted more or less as-is to the website, hopefully along with the pre-generated characters (which were created using the Character Builder, of course).  Again, though, all I can do is ask.  
Talk to you later -- Sean ---- M. Sean Molley | sean [at] basementsoftware [dot] com LFR Global Administrator
Also, if you want to check out the original adventure that inspired this year's DDC, you can buy it from dndclassics.com:

Talk to you later -- Sean ---- M. Sean Molley | sean [at] basementsoftware [dot] com LFR Global Administrator

2013 D&D Championship Recap


The D&D Championship is held every year at GenCon. It is the longest running event at the con. This year we would be playing again with the same 5 guys as last year. Team name: "Don't Make this Weird"

The D&D Championship was 2 rounds this year. We played our first round at 8am on Thursday, starting the con off right.

Update 2015: Unfortunately the Championship was not held in 2014 and 2015. We still hold out hope that it will make a comeback.

For more on why it should, see DMDavid's Blog: http://www.dmdavid.com/tag/bring-back-the-dungeons-dragons-championship/



The first round started in the desert blasted ruins of the lost city of Cynidicea. We entered a pyramid where cultists of Zargon had gone before. We ran into the cultists fighting the undead former rulers of the city. We tried to convince the rulers we were on their side but our diplomacy skills failed us and we ended up fighting both the undead and the cultists of Zargon. (This worried us, there are often ways to avoid fights in the Championship and we thought this would be one.)


After that fight we plumed the depths of the pyramid and found the entrance to a vast cavern below the city. Within the cavern were temples of three of the city's patron gods. In each temple was a clue or riddle that revealed the hiding place of a magical staff of great power. The riddles were just complex enough that we could decipher them, but not the crazed cultists of Zargon. Still, we had to hurry, Zargon was returning soon, and we needed the magic staves to help defeat him.


At each of the relics were guardians. We needed at least 1 staff before entering the temple of Zargon or there would be no hope for our success. We solved all 3 riddles but only had time to get 2 of the staves. One riddle stumped us for a good 20 minutes, the second we solved in under a minute by not overthinking and doing the obvious, the third we solved in about 2 minutes thanks to help from reading the original B4 adventure and recognizing some of the symbols. I really like it when the adventure background is released before the con and there are some rewards for reading it and doing some extra research.

Original Adventures: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/OriginalAdventures.jpg


With 2 staves in hand, we entered the Temple of Zargon. We had to find a way to the caverns beneath before time ran out. We had less than an hour to go.


The temple was represented by the famed moathouse of T1. It was guarded by cultists of Zargon and a golden statue-construct of Zargon himself. We quickly spread out and looked for anything that would get us below while weathering the attacks of the Zargon cultists. We soon found 3 levers. Once all were thrown the correct direction, black sludge covered slides were revealed. Four of us made it down the slides but one was left behind to the tender mercies of the cultists of Zargon.



We ended up in first place in our time slot (and since it was the first of the convention, first place over all). We captured 2 staffs, solved 3 riddles, found the exit in the temple of Zargon, and got 4 PCs out of the exit.


We spent the rest of the convention watching the leaderboard. We were a little concerned when we dropped to second on the first day, but we held that until Sunday. I enjoyed having the opportunity to watch that as the convention went on.



The final was Sunday at 8am. It started in the cavern below the temple of Zargon. The place was filled with ruins of countless battles against the monster. And deep within the cavern we could here what could only be Zargon himself. As we closed, we picked up here and there, discarded potions of healing, whetstones, and other magical aids.

Picture: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/Championship2.jpg


We were assumed to have all 3 staffs (the tan, green, and blue disks on the following picture). Each staff could be planted like a battle standard and each gave various special powers and weakened Zargon in a zone 5 around them. We relied heavily on the Staff of Usamigaras which gave PCs in the zone a +2 bonus to all defenses and allowed a 1/round d20 reroll which our strikers used to good effect on a number of occasions.

Picture: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/Championship3.jpg


We quickly found we were fighting not only Zargon present (the huge carrion crawler) but Zargon past (the roper) as well. We focused fire on Zargon present until we brought him down. Then we focused fire on Zargon past and brought him down as well.

Picture: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/Championship4.jpg


Bringing down the two Zargons took 6 or 7 rounds during which we were being overrun by more and more monsters and cultists. We had to ignore them to get to the prize. We had to get the horns of Zargon present and Zargon past (the pink disks) and exit the cavern. It is always important to focus on objectives in the Championship. We could have easily gotten entwined in battle and wasted precious resources and time that would have prevented our escape with the horns.

Picture: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/Championship5.jpg


Only one of us got out alive. The goliath fighter. He was bloodied and had cultists and zombie dragons chasing after him, but he made it. The rest of our bodies bled out on the cavern floor.

Picture: http://www.d20play.com/Rplaying/Images/Championship6.jpg




Our Team "Don't Make this Weird" consists of Kirk, John, Tom, David, and Justin.

Our home players are myself, Kirk, and John. John writes a regular column on ENworld. Here is his latest: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?1181-What-are-your-favorite-Non-Combat-Gadgets

We have been playing off and on with David for about 7 years now (he helps us round out the table when our home players cannot all make it). He is a fantastic player and runs a wizard better than anyone we have played with. David has a blog that is very good: http://dmdavid.com/

A recent addition to our teams is Justin. Justin is another excellent player. He has played our Fighter for the last two years. I met him playing LFR adventures on maptools: http://forums.rptools.net/viewforum.php?f=19

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I'll post a play report some time soon to this thread. If anyone else in the championship has a play report, please post here as well!


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2013 D&D Championship Recap

....two years? That is worse than the time between updates to my campaign website.

What is this? Should I write something here?

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