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Hello all,

I'm currently working on my graduation project for the Communication & Multimedia Design bachelor program at the University of Amsterdam. As a long time D&D player who doesn't like the current virtual tabletop options I decided to make this the subject of my project.

As part of my project I'm conducting a small research in the form of a questionnaire and user interviews to back it up. Now my question for all you 4e players and DMs is: would you please take three minutes of your time to answer my questionnaire? It would help me greatly as I need to finish my research before I can begin on implementing my virtual tabletop app.

The questionnaire's goal is to find out how many house ruling is done by 4e groups and what hardware and software is being used around gaming tables.

The questionnaire can be found here.

Besides the questionnaire, I'm also conducting interviews about the same topics and a little bit more. If anyone is up to an interview using text chat, please PM me. At the moment I have done interviews that took 30 minutes, but also one that took 3 hours, so the duration varies Smile

TL;DR: I'm conducting a research for my graduation project. It's about 4e rules usage and digital media. It will take 3 minutes tops. Please answer it for me Embarassed

Thank you very much, even if you just took the time to read this post Wink


I have a problem with this question:

What option best describes your D&D group? *

  • No digital devices are used around the table. Only pens, paper, dice, and books are allowed.

  • Only the DM may use digital devices, for example to record session notes or access campaign information.

  • Everyone uses digital devices, but mostly for things like dice rollers or character sheets.

  • We use digital tabletop software or something similar to play D&D, so everyone uses a laptop.

I play online using maptool.  As far as I know, only two of the 6 people use a laptop.  Most use "proper" computers ;)

Regarding the Grid vs Free-form question, I would have liked an option for "Whatever best suits the game" as we use grid for 4e.  For other games we use different options, like hexes for Hero System.
I also had a minor issue with that question - the answer that best fits us, the first one, implies that digital devices aren't permitted - this isn't the case; they just happen not to be used.  In general, I don't think your questions are particularly robustly written.
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
If there was a general comments section at the end I would have said that the idea system would be a prettier version of Maptool that allows clients to connect with a modern web browser.
Done. I'm Dutch too, so you can interview me in person if you like. Check your PMs.
Thanks for the feedback you guys.

I am aware that most of my questions aren't that robust (though I don't see how to make them more so, most of the time). A part of the problem is that I never had any good training on the subject of asking good questions. I just 'had to do it' during my course. Second part of the problem is time pressure so I had to get this out ASAP (though it was proof read and approved by my mentor).

Overall I feel that (luckily for me) the problems that are encountered don't impact the results too much. I know some things can be frustrating when answering a question, but because I just kinda want to know to what degree digital media is used instead of why the answers still help me. Still, I'll change the label so that PC's are in there as well Smile

Regarding the grid vs free-form: I specifically target D&D 4e, so I don't really care for other systems out ther e. Not being ignorant, but I had to make my research quite specific because I only had 3 months to do research AND implement a prototype Wink As I'm most familiar with D&D 4e I made it my subject.
That question was also difficult for me to answer because we play it both ways, we have a weekly online game and a less frequent in-person game. I ended up picking the 3rd option because it was the only one that fit and didn't have anything about whether people had permission to use that stuff, since anybody could use whatever they've got, a bunch of my group have tablets.
Done. Two of the Virtual Tables i'm using were not listed, RPG Table Online and Roll20. I also game through Google+ Hangouts
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