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Hi forum.As a D and D noob I would like to know is it acceptable to run the "Red box" adventures that apparently level my character up to level 2 or 3 but instead of following the player book for adding stats and powers etc use to essentials 4.0 books to add character info.I have the Heroes of......books and the players handbook and dm guide.I noticed that the Red box info was different to the essentials info an realised that to progress my character I would more than likely have to redo certain character information when the Redbox was finished with.The starter set was purchased purely for the equipment within which came at a bargain price.Is this the case or am I incorrect in my assumptions.I look forward to your info and advice..thanks.

You and your friends can create characters from the Heroes of ... books or Players Handbooks and play through the adventure in the redbox.  Level up as per your class in the appropriate book.  Ignore any class stuff in the redbox, its not expanded on beyond there and is a little "off" from the rest of the stuff.  

The adventure is ok though, and you get the maps and tokens and dice, so no big deal.  Basically you just drop the player's book from the red box - you can play out the encounter as an intro/hook into the adventure but do it all theatre of the mind, it takes 10-15 minutes, no threat just done and in.  The DM's book is basically the adventure. The rest is covered better and in more detail in the other books you have.

The starter set was a good deal, the tokens and adventure are great to get you going.  Follow it up with the Dungeon Masters Kit and Monster Vault to get more books, maps, adventures, and tokens.  I think both of those are good values for what you get.  

Happy Gaming!


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