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Can someone(s) please explain to me what the letter/number codes associated with pre-fab adventures mean?
H = Heroic      (Level1-10)
P = Paragon  (Level11-20)
E = Epic         (Level21-30)
Thanks, that helps . . . but where do things like A# or S# fit in?
Thanks, that helps . . . but where do things like A# or S# fit in?

You must be looking at older modules. But the number indicates it's number in a sereis. For example: H1 Keep on the Shadowland is Part 1 oh a Heroic Level series of Modules.

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Thanks for your response . . . and yes, those were older adventures. I'm just trying to make sense of all the information I'm taking in . . . at times I feel like I'm losing the battle . . . lol.
HS1 (The Slaying Stone) and HS2 (Orcs of Stonefang Pass) were 4E adventures.

Pre-4E adventures coded themselves via letter. While some of those were straightforwardly linked to specific boxed sets or level brackets (B# = D&D Basic; X# = D&D Expert; etc) without having any common story link between them, there were also various story chain series, and several more that grouped particular types of modules together (tournament adventures, for example). The letter designation in those cases was pretty much arbitrary.
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