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Im finally coming back to the game after a 2e to 3.5e hiatus. Im curious about the dungeon tiles. Do they match up to the published modules or is it just random floor plans?

Thanks in advance
They are random floorplans. Typically each set comes with a sample map or two in the folder that you can put together for your own adventures.

I find them useful it I am at a store and need to run something quick, without having a lot of time to dedicate making my own maps. If you are use to using a Chessex Battlemat, they're nice to have for a full color effect.

They are useful also to generate new ideas and play with room layouts. At their price point, it's not a big hassle to get a few, either. Definatly worth playing around with.
Seconded. Also, I use the "I-Ching" method of map design when I'm feeling lazy. I take a handful of random tiles, toss them up and see what kind of layout is suggested when they hit the floor.

Sometimes you get lucky and can recreate the layout of a room in a published module, and the book Dungeon Delves specifically uses the tile sets, but tey're mostly for your own designs. Good quality, too. Worth the price.
I'm a believer in them as well. Mostly when I need to have a quick set up or when I'm using a published adventure and don't have maps that are close to what I need.
They are, of course, themed. Sewers, pyramids, outdoors, caves, etc.

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There are also traps, statues, hazards, etc. so you aren't just looking at a big grey grid.
The maps in the Living Forgotten Realms adventures actually do use the tiles...however some of the maps use multiple pieces so you can either buy more than 1 set of tiles or make copies of the needed tiles.
I love them too, but they're getting almost impossible to find. A few of the delves I want to run use older tile sets that aren't available anymore. I'm guessing it just wasn't cost-effective to do second printings on these, but it's rough.
They aren't perfect for premade adventures, but you can' probably make a few slight changes if you want to use tiles for premade. Or scan the maps the adventure comes with, scale up and print out.

I generally buy 1-2 sets of each dungeon tile group that comes out. I use them to plan my home made dungeons. I do this in sections. I take a picture of that section, print it out, and take all the tiles and put them with the print out in a zip lock bag. I make sure all the tiles are also face up in the bag.

That way, when the players get to that section of the dungeon, I can quickly get the board set up.

It's very Martha Stewart.