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Hey guys,

I am completely torn on which paragon path to take. I

I'm a bow ranger, but have delved into cleric for weapon of the gods and other benefits. So I'm divided between Divine Oracle, and Battlefield Archer.

Divine Oracle has several things that look juicy to me.
1)Cant be surprised, reroll initiative
2)1/encounter auto critical. Amazing!
3)other benefits are good but not major selling points

Battlefield Archer is by far the most attractive paragon path for me
1)rerolls (at the cost of action points)
2)more than 1 quarry, and a +1 to hit all quarries
3)solid high dmg encounter power
4)1/encounter extra action point, Amazing!

So what do you guys think?
One of the huge selling points for Divine Oracle is the Roll twice on attacks vs will, something that a ranger can't exactly take full out advantage of to launch your accuracy into the stratosphere, therefore of the two I suggest BA.
Also you left out the fact that Battlefield Archer gains an immediate attack, that is extremely exceptional as well. You don't rely on taking advantage of critical hits, I'm unsure how this was even a fair choice? Archers just now gained improved crit ranges at epic, lagging a full phb behind melee weapon users.
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