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So I've started going through the 3.5 books and converting prestige classes into paths. I've avoided doing classes which basically take X and Y and advance in both (Eldritch Theurge anyone?). I've avoided classes which you can get with the new system (or at least close enough - like Temple Raider of Olidammara) and tried to choose classes which provided a unique way of looking at a class or had some unique theme. The dice values are guesses on what would be appropriate for that level and archetype (I did these without the new books so...). As before, theses could with little effort be altered to fit something more appropriate for a given character/campaign.

PEACH, etc. Also feel free to ask for a certain conversion - I'm going to be doing a bunch but if you want one sooner rather than later... yeah.

Black Flame Zealot
"You've been found wanting. Do not worry - serve the faithful as fuel for the pyre upon which the world will burn."
Prerequisites: Rogue with Cleric Multiclass Feat
Black Flame Zealots are the enforcer assassins of a church which worships an evil deity of fire and destruction. Black Flame Zealot Path Features
Zealot's Heart (11th Level): Character gains +1 Will and a +2 bonus to saves ending Fear and Charm effects. Fateful Stride (11th Level): When the character uses an action point they may immediately shift 3+Charisma modifier squares.
Unholy Immolation (16th Level): All melee attacks made by the character do additional necrotic and fire damage equal to the character's Charisma modifier
Black Flame Zealot Prayers
Curtain of Ash
Black Flame Zealot Attack 11
Your blade glows darkly as you attack and ash streams from it as it moves towards your target. You strike with a flash of sickening flame; stepping through the black curtain only to reappear elsewhere. _______________________
Encounter ✦ Divine, Fire, Necrotic, Teleportation
Standard Action
Requirements: Must be wielding a light blade.
Target: One creature Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex
Hit: 2[W]+Dexterity+Charisma modifier Fire and necrotic damage. Target is blinded until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Charisma modifier Fire and Necrotic damage
Effect: You may teleport up to three squares.
Purifying Darkness Black Flame Zealot Utility 12
The coolness of the shadows provides succor for the faithful.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Healing
Immediate Reaction Trigger: Character gains concealment.
Effect: May immediately spend a Healing Surge and gain additional hit points equal
to your Charisma modifier.
Mark of the Pyre Bound Black Flame Zealot Attack 20
Calling on your deity, dark flames form the rune of the guilty and lash out at those who witness its dark glory. Continued prayer sends the rune to mark a foe and show all he is fated to burn.
Daily ✦ Divine, Implement, Fire, Nectrotic Standard Action Close burst 2
Requirements: Implement, Melee weapon
Target: Creatures within burst radius. You can one creature within the area of effect
Hit: 4d6+Charisma modifer Fire and Necrotic damage.
Miss: 2d6+Charisma modifier Fire and Necrotic damage.
Effect: Gain combat advantage against marked targets until end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor: Continue having combat advantage against marked target.
Consecrated Harrier
"You cannot hide from the Divine."
Prerequisites: Ranger, Cleric multiclass feat
Consecrated Harriers are the chosen hunters of the church. To them lies the duty of fetching the blasphemers, heretics, and other attackers of the faith. Consecrated Harrier Path Features
Faithful Hunter (11th Level): The Consecrated Harrier may use their Hunter's Quarry skill on their church assigned target even if he is not the closest combatant.
Blessing of the Scripture (11th Level): When using an action point to make an attack on on a church assigned target you gain a +2 Insight bonus on attack rolls. This increases to +4 at level 21.
Justice Unseen (16th Level): You are aware of efforts made to scry on you using rituals. You may expend an action point to learn the location of the scryer and send a false vision.
Consecrated Harrier Prayers
Blazing Strike
Consecrated Harrier Attack 11
Your weapon glows with celestial power as you attack.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Radiant, Weapon Standard Action Melee or Ranged
Hit: 4[W]+Dexterity or Strength modifier Radiant damage. Target takes 5 ongoing Radiant damage (save ends).
Sanctified Sight
Consecrated Harrier Utility 12
You call upon the light to dispel any shadows of the mind that could impede your companions as they aid you and to help guide them. _______________________
Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement
Minor Action Area burst 10 within squares
Effect: All allies within range may immediately save vs any zones, charm or fear effects. If they make the save then they gain a +2 Insight bonus to attack rolls against the originator of the effect.
Implacable Hunt
Consecrated Harrier Attack 20
The foe has nowhere to hide and you'll never stop the hunt until your target lies fallen at your feet.
Daily ✦ Divine, Weapon Standard Action Melee or Ranged
Target: One creature
Hit: 6[W]+Dexterity damage. If the target is under the affect of your Hunter's Quarry skill you do additional damage equal to your Wisdom modifier and the target is slowed (save ends with penalty to roll equal to your Wisdom modifier) and takes a penalty to Stealth checks equal to 3+Wisdom modifier.
Miss: If the target is under the effect of your Hunter's Quarry skill, they are slowed (save ends) and take a penalty to stealth checks equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Effect: Gain 10 temporary hit points after damaging the target.This lasts until the target is dead or the encounter ends.
Astral Disciple
"I see the lines which connect to the Great Sea and I can see how to move amongst them."
Prerequisites: Cleric, Skill Focus (Religion), Arcana
Astral Disciples can see and understand the underlying elemental force which connects all other aspects of creation: residuum, the stuff of the Astral Sea. Through understanding the links it creates from one to the Astral Sea to another they can use the divine power granted by their deity tomanipulate various properties of materials and even people much as the deities can shape the Astral Plane to their will.
Astral Disciple Path Features
Astral Sight (11th Level): Astral Disciples can reach out with the mind and experience the unseen layer of reality which underlies the elements. An Astral Disciple may perform tracking checks using Arcana.
Moment of Clarity (11th Level): With tremendous effort, the Astral Disciple may impart knowledge from one creature connected to the Astral Plane to another. By taking a standard action to spend an action point, the Astral Disciple allows a single adjacent ally to use any ability from their power source as if they were of the appropriate class during their next turn. They must still meet any requirements for the skill and using it uses up an equivalent ability (for example, Tordek the fighter could use any Martial power that he met the requirements for, and if it were an encounter power he'd have to expend an encounter power of equal level).
Astral Perception (16th Level): The Astral Disciple's perception of reality permanently shifts. The connecting lines of the Astral plane shift in and out of vision as the reveal the true nature of things. The Astral Disciple gains +2 to Defences versus abilities with the Enchantment, Illusion, or Shadow keyword. They also receive +2 to saving throws to end effects from abilities with those keywords.
Astral Disciple Prayers
Astral Suppression
Astral Disciple Attack 11
Channeling power into your hands you seize the line connecting your target to the Astral Plane and squeeze. A change comes over your target as they find themselves feeling weaker.
Encounter ✦ Divine
Standard Action Melee
Requirements: Implement
Target: One creature
Hit: Held (save ends), Stun on end of Held (save ends), -2 to attack rolls on end of Stun (save ends)
Miss: -2 to attack rolls (save ends)
Astral Release
Astral Disciple Utility 12
You grasp an allies link to the Astral Plane and widen it. The ally feels their potential releashed.
Encounter ✦ Divine Standard Action
Requirements: Implement
Target: One adjacent ally
Effect: Ally gains 1/2 their highest stat modifier as a Power bonus to all rolls until the end of their next turn.
Astral Strike
Astral Disciple Attack 20
You viciously attack your enemy's link to the Astral Plane and alter its flow to receive some of the his lost energy.
Daily ✦ Divine Standard Action Melee
Requirements: Implement
Target: One creature
Hit: 4d8+Wisdom modifier Psychic damage, 10 ongoing Psychic damage (save ends) and Stunned (save ends)
Miss: 2d8 Psychic damage and Stunned until the end of their next turn.
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to Psychic damage dealt.
Enlightened Spirit
"I saw the light."
Prerequisites: Warlock with Infernal Pact, good alignment, speak Supernal
Warlocks who've made Infernal Pacts but then repented and turns toward the work of good.
Enlightened Spirit Path Features
Aura of Courage (11th Level): You and adjacent allies gain a +2 bonus to Defences versus abilities that have the Fear keyword. You may make saves versus ongoing Fear effects at the beginning of your turn instead of the end.
Spiritual Transformation (11th Level): When you use an action point to use a power that deals Necrotic damage allies within 10 squares of the target receive hit points as if they had spent a Healing Surge up to a maximum of how much Necrotic damage was done.
Aura of Menace (16th Level): The Enlightened Spirit has tempered the Infernal taint within and made an alloy of Infernal power and Celestial righteousness. The aura exuded can make most anyone shake. You gain +2 to Defenses against attacks from adjacent enemies.
Enlightened Spirit Spells
Hammer of Celestia Enlightened Spirit Attack 11
You tap into the power of the heavens to form a hammer of light which flies towards your enemy. As it hits, with your enemy dazed, you feel confident that you'll overcome any obstacle.
Encounter ✦ Arcane, Radiant Standard Action Ranged 10
Requirements: Implement
Target: One creature
Attack: ; See special
Hit: 4d8+modifier Radiant damage and Stunned until end of your next turn.
Effect: +Charisma modifier power bonus to damage rolls until the end of your next turn.
Special: Modifier to attack and damage rolls is the same as for your Eldritch Blast power.
Spirit Armor Enlightened Spirit Utility 12
You summon celestial spirits to guard you and carry you across the battlefield.
Daily ✦ Arcane, Conjuration, Flight Minor Action
Effect: You gain +6 to Armor Class and Reflex. Each hit made against you lowers the bonus by 2. While you have the bonus you may fly up to your movement speed as a move action but must start and end on the ground.
Special: Lasts until the end of the encounter or until the bonus is zero.
Celestial Blast Enlightened Spirit Attack 20
Eldritch Blast - Eldritch + Celetial = Boosh
Daily ✦ Arcane Action Area burst 1 within 10 squares
Requirements: Implement
Target: Enemies in burst area
Attack: ; See special
Hit: 10d6+modifer Radiant damage
Miss: 4d6 Radiant damage
Effect: Your Eldritch Blast does an additional 1d6 Radiant damage for the rest of the encounter.
Special: Use the modifier for your Eldritch Blast ability for attack and damage rolls.
"At the center of everything is nothing."
Prerequisites: Cleric
Some clerics reach such a closeness with their deity that they see the void from which all creation sprang. Those who do not fall despair become Entropomancers; they begin to channel precreation and yield it as a tool.
Entropomancer Path Features
Entropic Field (11th Level): All healing surges used within one square of the Entropomancy heal d4 less hit point than normal but give 3+Entropomancer's Charisma modifier temporary hit points.
Draw of the Void (11th Level): When an Entropomancer uses an action point to attack, the attack causes 5 ongoing damage (save ends) on a hit in addition to any other effects.
Embrace the End (16th Level): The Entropomancer's attacks do an addition 2d8 Cold damage versus Bloodied targets.
Entropomancer Prayers
Shard of Entropy Entropomancer Attack 11
You create a small sphere of absolute blackness roughly 2-inches across. It pulls at those around it - drawing them into the embrace of the void.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Zone Standard Action
Requirements: Implement Target: All creatures within the zone.
Attack: Wisdom vs. Fortitude
Hit: Pull 1 towards center of the zone.
Miss: Slow until the end of your next turn.
Effect: The zone is difficult terrain.
Sustain Standard: Zone will continue to exist for the turn and may be moved a number of squares equal to 1+Charisma modifer.
Special: Zone lasts until the end of your next turn. Entropic Fervor Entropomancer Utility 12
You gift a vision of the end of all things to those around you. Your enemies despair as your allies strive to be the best they can while they can.
Encounter ✦ Divine Standard Action Close burst 3
Requirements: Implement
Target: Everyone within radius of effect.
Effect: Allies gain a +1 insight bonus to attack and damage rolls while enemies suffer a -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls. This lasts until the end of your next turn.
Door to the Void Entropomancer Attack 20
You create a wall of impenetrable darkness. Those near it feel the slicing coldness of the end of times yet cannot escape its inevitability.
Daily ✦ Divine Action Area wall 5 within 5 squares
Requirements: Implement
Target: Creatures within or adjacent to the wall.
Attack: Wisdom vs. Fortitude
Hit: Slowed until end of your next turn.
Effect: 4d8+Wisdom Modifier Cold damage to all creatures within the area of effect or who start their turn adjacent to it. Creatures who start their turn 2 squares away must make a DC 25 Endurance check or suffer a Pull 1 effect towards the wall.
Sustain Minor: Wall will continue to exist for the turn.
Special: Wall lasts until the end of your next turn.
Rainbow Servant
Prerequisites: Wizard, any good alignment.
Rainbow servants are the arcane disciples of the hidden temples of the Couatls. The teachings of the couatls provide a measure of divine power.
Rainbow Servant Path Features
Blessing of the Temple (11th Level): Spells cast by the Rainbow servant deal an additional one Radiant damage. This increases to two at level 21.
Feathered Serpent (11th Level): The Rainbow Servant may spend an action point to gain Flight, +1 to AC, and +1 to Reflex for the encounter as they gain rainbow colored wings, their skin toughens to resembles scales, and they gain a measure of the flexibility of a coiled serpent.
Mesmerizing Eyes (16th Level): The Rainbow Servant gains her Charisma modifier to all checks made as part of a social interaction skill challenge (effectively doubling the bonus for any skills used that add Charisma modifier). They may also add their Charisma modifier to any attack rolls made for spells that have the Enchantment key word.
Rainbow Servant Prayers
Wing Strike Rainbow Servant Attack 11
The phantom image of a pair of great, feathered wings appear behind you. With a great crack, they flap once and create a massive flash of light and wind before fading.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Radiant, Thunder Action Close blast 3
Requirements: Implement Target: Any enemies in the blast area.
Attack: Charisma vs. AC
Hit: 3d6+Charisma modifier Radiant and Thunder damage.
Miss: Charisma modifier Radiant and Thunder damage.
Secondary Target: Any enemies in the blast area.
Secondary Attack: Charisma vs. Fortitude Hit: Push 1+Charisma modifier.
Miss: Push 1
Loose the Coils Rainbow Servant Utility 12
A glow spreads out from you as divine power reacts to purge you and your allies of outside and restraining influences.
Encounter ✦ Divine Immediate Reaction Close burst 10
Trigger: Under the effect of Stun, Hold, Charm, Sleep, or Slow.
Requirements: Implement
Effect: You and any allies within range may immediately make saving throws versus all effects.
Couatl Blaze Rainbow Servant Attack 20
A multihued vortex springs forth from the air and envelopes your target. It unleashes the power of the Couatls upon him in a blazing display of power.
Daily ✦ Divine, Radiant, Thunder, Lightning, Fire
Action Ranged 10 Requirements: Implement
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex
Hit: 8d6+Charisma Radiant, Thunder, Lightning, and Fire damage. Target takes 10 ongoing damage and is held (save ends)
Miss: 4d6 Radiant, Lightning, Thunder, and Fire damage
Shining Blade of Bahamut
Prerequisites: Religion, lawful good alignment
Shining Blade of Bahamut Path Features
Shock Blade (11th Level): All your melee attacks now deal additional Lightning damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
Draw the Lightning (11th Level): If you damage an enemy with an attack made using an action point they gain Vulnerability Lightning 5 until the end of your next turn.
Brilliant Blade (16th Level): All your melee attacks now do additional Radiant damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
Shining Blade of Bahamut Prayers
Lightning Edge Shining Blade of Bahamut Attack 11
Crackling lightning runs along the edge of your weapon as you strike the enemy; delivering a heavy blow which causes them to jerk and twitch as the liightning plays havoc with their body.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Lightning Standard Action Melee
Requirements: Melee weapon Target: One creature
Hit: 3[W]+Strength Lightning damage. Target takes 5 ongoing Lightning damage and is stunned (save ends both)
Lightning Rod Shining Blade of Bahamut Utility 12
You raise your weapon and channel divine energy into your body and your allies. Lightning discharges with your strikes and continues to do so as you channel more energy to where you stand.
✦ Divine, Radiant Minor Action Close burst 1
Requirements: Implement
Target: Self and allies within area of effect.
Effect: Your attacks deal additional damage equal to 3+Charisma modifier
Sustain Move: You and allies within the area continue to deal additional Lightning damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
Lightbringer Shining Blade of Bahamut Attack 20
You strike with the force of Bahamut, becoming an avatar of his glorious wrath, as divine lightning arcs from your weapon.
Daily ✦ Divine Action Melee
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma+2 vs. AC If primary attack hits make secondary attacks to all adjacent enemies.
Hit: 6[W]+Strength and Charisma modifiers Radiant and Lightning damage
Miss: 3[W] Radiant and Lightning damage.
Effect: You gain Resist Lightning 20 and Resist Radiant 20 until the end of the encounter. Until the end of the encounter, enemies that begin their turn adjacent to you take 5 Radiant and Lightning damage.
Secondary Target: Enemy adjacent to primary target
Secondary Attack: Charisma vs. AC
Hit: 4[W]+Charisma modifier Radiant damage
Miss: 2[W] Radiant damage
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