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What do we know about the Nerathi Empire? There's some info in the preview books, but not much. I don't own any of the new 4e modules so I don't know what info, if any, is included there. Anything in Dragon or Dungeon?

I'm developing a PoL campaign and the Nerathi play a role in the underlying plot. Any help would be appreciated.


P.S., how many of you are also running campaigns in the 'implied' PoL setting?

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Can't help, really, but Yo. I'm running PoL. I actually like the pseudo-setting quite a bit, especially the old Dragonborn vs. Tieflings empires.
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The first 4ed issue of Dragon has an article to the Gnoll demon prince(I cannot spell his name). In there is a description of the end of Nerath as it was at the hands of a Gnoll hoard in honor of that demon prince.

And when my campaign was active, I used Nerath as background info for the continent the campaign started on.
Nerath is basically what the DM needs it to be, methinks.
Nerath is basically what the DM needs it to be, methinks.

Indeed. It's left vague so that you can easily write in whatever events, wars, disasters, cities and whatever else it is you need to fit the needs of your game.
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I'm specifically interested in knowing the implied 'lifespan' of the empire... do we know if it lasted for approximately 2400, 1200, 600, or 300 years? If it is undefined (even vaguely), then that's fine and I'll pick a reasonable time-frame, but I'd like to know for sure one way or the other.

Thanks for the pointer to the Yeenoghu article... it's not the first place I'd have looked for info.


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Here's what we know. The Empire of Nerath lasted for several hundred years. It came after the fall of Bael Turath and Arkhosia, which tore each other apart "many centuries ago" and Nerath wasn't established until sometime after that. From the DMG, it says that "up until four centuries ago" the Nentir Vale was ruled by human hill-chieftains, but then settlers from Nerath in the south began moving north into the vale. That suggests that Nerath is somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 years old, and it fell almost 100 years ago in a war with the gnolls under the banner of their demon god the Ruler of Ruin.

So you're looking at about 400 years of rule, with a definite expansion sometime in the first century of it's existance and a noticable decline for the last century before it's destruction.

We know that Nerath was predominantly a human kingdom, but that the current PC races exist together in most towns today because back in the days of old Nerath they were the races that had allied together to form the Empire. Other races, like the minotaurs, though they can be as civilized and good as any given human or elven nation--still they largely marginalized and concidered monsters because they weren't part of this once great nation.

Most of the cities and Points of Light that exist in the world were once part of Nerath. The roads that still exist were created by them, as are most of the castles and keeps (though many lie in ruins after the war). There was a tendency, with the fall of Nerath, for the races to pull back to their own lands, the elves to the forests, the eladrin to the Feywild, the dwarves into the mountain valleys--but strong ties of fellowship and long traditions still remembered connect them. In some places, life continues on much as it did during the days of the Empire. You get the names of a couple of these kingdoms in some of the Dungeon adventures. Certainly if you want a nice feel for the world a good place to start (after reading the section on Fallcrest in the DMG and the background info in Races & Classes and Worlds & Monsters if you can find a copy of that) is to read through the adventure backgrounds of the Dungeon adventures. There is a LOT of good stuff there.
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Thanks for this very helpful info! It's just what I was looking for. I'll check out the adventures for more.


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Generally most of the Nerath info can be found in 3.5 dnd Forgotten Realms but I have used the plot line that originated there to predate the early stages of Galifar in Eberron

here is what I know from the countless books I have :

(noted info from Magic of Faerun book)

Karsus a powerful arcanist from the human civilization of Netheril attempted for ultimate power (way to go guy) and literally almost destroyed the god Mystra who sacrificed her self to save the world as it hung in the balance of a decimated Weave of magic all the cities of the greath Netheril (floating cities) crashed down to the realms (devistation) and Mystra closed all magic for a period of time. She later remade the weave to not allow magic of that nature to surface again. Netheril was ultimately the super power of the world until Karsus lost it for them they based their life mainly on magic and its pursuit of knowledge and power. In 4.0 dnd Revenge of the Giants as lost city called Argent dates back to the time of the Netheril and the magics that they weilded and also in several other Forgotten realms books like Lords of Darkness there are some super baddies like Larlock and the like.
Hope this helps. I can give you some ideas that I have used if you like in my Eberron Campaign setting if you need some help throwing ideas around.
Valkrimi, Nerath has nothing to do with Forgotten Realms, you are thinking of Netheril.

Nerath was created wholecloth for 4e.

How do we get a thread for the Nerathi Empire, or better yet the default setting/points of light lorre if you will, such as the FR, DL, Dark Sun etc. threads on these boards?

I'm aware that this may be too late (on the brink of 5th ed.), but Google sent me here after a query and inspired me to summarize some research I've made. Here are my efforts in trying to devise a chronology of the Nerath Empire.

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