The Arcane Blade

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Hey there, thats my first try on a guide. This is an attempt to make a guide for swordmages who want to take wizard paragon paths, maybe because they think its cool because they want more area attacks.


Why Arcaneblade:

Because some people find it cool to release beams and explosions from some big blade instead of orbs and wands and still hit a big area.
Also paragon path powers with the implemment keyword arent attached to wizard implements so the swordmage multiclassed as wizard can use any paragon path powers with the Arcane+Implement keywords.(By Raw)

Why not WotST?
Wizards of the spiral tower are for eladrins and fancy elves :P. Theres the restriction of longsword only and you are not looking for more single targeted powers.

Str: If you are going for aegis of assault you should max it if not only get the necessary to get feats you think are usefull.

Dex:Good for initiative mostly.

Con:Really important as it makes your character more durable, you should max it if you are going for aegis of shielding.

Int:Your primary stat boost it to the max.

Wis:Not very usefull, only for will defense mostly and maybe if you are going spellstorm mage.

Cha:same as wis.
Any light or heavy blade.
- The bastard sword is the weapon of choice of many swordmages.
- The kopesh being both blade and axe can also be a good choice.
- Other unusual choice is the fullblade*, use it if you want to deal more damage. Damage freaks enjoy the high critical and D12.

*If you want to still be able to use wizards implements with the fullblade or anyother 2handed weapon, you can buy the Quickdraw feat and have for example a chain attaching your wand or orb to your armor/body. Ask your DM before if you want to take this route.

- Arcane Initiate OFC.
- Intelligent blademaster. (wonderfull feat!A must have)
- Quickdraw. (good for swordcontrollers willing to use 2handed swords and implements, also very handy when trying to use potions etc..)
You can get the other power-swap feats but by doing so you will also need a wizard implement.

Elemental builds:

Burning blizzard Arcaneblade:
Focused on powers that deal cold and acid damage.

Feats: burning blizzard, wintertouched, Lasting Frost

ForceStorm Arcaneblade:
You can build your Arcaneblade focused on lighting and thunder because so many good powers have damage from those elements and I highly recomment you picking an elemental damage boost feat over weapon focus because it will help both your weapon and your implement powers as long as you focus on attacks of the same element. Using a force weapon will help you a lot when dealing with resistances because resistance to force is very rare and you can pick solid sound as well.

Feats: raging storm, solid sound, inescapable force, Lightning Arc, resounding thunder

Weapon: force weapon.

AstralFire Arcaneblade:
Both swormage and wizard spells have many good options of fire spells. I recommend a radiant weapon for this build so you can be sure all your powers have the radiant keyword and the radiant weapon also add its enhancement as an item bonus when dealing radiant damage.

Feats:Astral fire, font of radiance, irresistible flame.

Weapon: radiant weapon(recommended), brilliant energy weapon, sunblade

Debuffer arcaneblade:
Focus on lowering saves or defenses.The more power-swap feats you buy to get more debuffing wizard spells the better.

Weapon: cunning weapon, dread weapon.

Head: Phrenic crown.

Brutal arcaneblade:
Use weapons and items to enhance damage even sacrificing his own HP. Jagged weapons can make you crit on 19-20 even when using your sword as implement!

Weapons: vorpal weapon, bloodclaw weapon, jagged weapon, reckless weapon

Powers by element:

Acid and cold:
Frigid Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Chilling Blow Swordmage Attack 1
Frost Backlash Swordmage Attack 1
Corrosive Ruin Swordmage Attack 3
Sloth Strike Swordmage Attack 3
Deep Freeze Swordmage Attack 5
Sleet Strike Swordmage Attack 7
Icy Sweep Swordmage Attack 9
Acid Burst Blade Swordmage Attack 13
Acid for Blood Swordmage Attack 15
Ice Cage Swordmage Attack 17
Acid Fountain Swordmage Attack 23
Icy Shackles Swordmage Attack 25

Fire powers:
Greenflame Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Flame Cyclone Swordmage Attack 1
Burning Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Incendiary Sword Swordmage Attack 3
Shielding Fire Swordmage Attack 5
Flamewall Strike Swordmage Attack 7
Leaping Flames Swordmage Attack 9
Seed of Fire Swordmage Attack 13
Inferno’s Sword Swordmage Attack 15
Hell’s Own Blade Swordmage Attack 19
Meteor Strike Swordmage Attack 23
Maelstrom Blade Swordmage Attack 27
Dimensional Charge Swordmage Attack 27
Obliterating Blaze Swordmage Attack 29

Lighting,force and thunder powers:
Dimensional Thunder Swordmage Attack 1
Booming Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Lightning Lure Swordmage Attack 1
Sword Burst Swordmage Attack 1
Lightning Clash Swordmage Attack 1
Blastback Swipe Swordmage Attack 3
Lingering Lightning Swordmage Attack 5
Silversteel Veil Swordmage Utility 6
Electrified Lash Swordmage Attack 7
Spikes of Agony Swordmage Attack 7
Lightning Strider Swordmage Attack 9
Free the Storm Within Swordmage Attack 15
Swordshock Swordmage Attack 17
Lightning Rod Swordmage Attack 19
Thunder Riposte Swordmage Attack 23
Bounding Lightning Swordmage Attack 25
Thundering Heart Swordmage Attack 25
Maelstrom Blade Swordmage Attack 27
Circle of Devastation Swordmage Attack 27
Dimensional Charge Swordmage Attack 27
Astral Thunder Blade Swordmage Attack 29

Bowling powers*:
Isolating Slam Swordmage Attack 7
Seed of Fire Swordmage Attack 13
Thundering Heart Swordmage Attack 25

Bowling powers are powers that push targets using str or con modifiers. Those work great with Blood mage and Spellstorm mage, see below.

The classes:

Battle mage
Blood mage
Spellstorm mage

Simbarch of Aglarond
Spellguard Wizard
War Wizard of Cormyr

Battle mage
“My spells are strong…So am I”
Both forcestorm and astralfire arcaneblades can do good with this paragon path. You can choose the elemental damage on 2 of its powers. Arcane rejuvenation makes your harder to drop too. Go battle mage if you want to blast things up a little.

Arcane Riposte (11th level): Probably one of the worst features in game. 

Battle Mage Action (11th level): +4 bonus to attack until the end of your next turn is great, really handy.

Battle Edge (16th level): Good but not that good.

Battle Mage Spells

Forceful Retort: The close burst 1 isnt great but pushing 1 square and knocking prone can help in many situations.

Arcane Rejuvenation: This power can save your a**. Since its an interrupt you wont even drop.

Closing Spell: This is a controversial one but if used with arcane mastery, veteran armor and violet solitaire it can be cast many times for the 8d10 damage. Awesome area too. That’s some power you want to cast using your blade.
Blood Mage
“I cut myself”
Champion of the OP the blood mage can unleash tons of damage with his emo fury. Best for debuffer and the forcestorm arcaneblades. Because you can pull the (force weapon+glassteel shard+blood action+bolstering blood+blood pulse+any Bowling powers for nice damage). Still impressive how all the features and powers are useful. You can have damage, movement control, and stun.

Blood Action (11th level): 10 ongoing damage helps, specially if its an area power or some power with a good duration.

Bolstering Blood (11th level): Same as blood action but you can use it once per round as a free action. You damage yourself however.

Burning Blood (16th level): You can deal damage equal to your int+con 2 of your highest stats if you are a shielding mage plus ongoing damage, not bad.10 squares burst is a big area as well.

Blood Mage Spells

Blood Pulse: Despite it being used and abused by optimizers blood pulse is an awesome control spell, good area and best range too. Used in conjunction with forced movement and a good party its priceless.

Soul Burn: One more encounter power? Even spending a healing surge it’s a nice and handy utility.Not that good if you are going Demigod or Choosen.

Destructive Salutation: One of the greatest powers in game. 20 range, 7x7 area, enemies only and stun (save ends).
Spellstorm Mage
“then my blade will be the storm that will vanquish thy enemies”
Could have been a greater paragon path if wasn’t for 2 of its features being based on wisdom. Still a nice path for forcestorm arcaneblades. Both attack powers are great and the damage type is exactly what you are looking for. Violet solitaire with extra damage action can be devastating.

Extra Damage Action (11th level): Have your 2 standard action attacks damage enhanced by half your level as an unnamed bonus? Yes please.

Storm Spell (11th level): Nice feature, too bad its based on wisdom.

Storm Fury (16th level): Nice 10 squares burst but also damage is based on wisdom.

Spellstorm Mage Spells

Storm Cage: Great power, the damage is nice and the double elements lighting and thunder are also a good choice. The wall effect is also good for more controlling.

Sudden Storm: This zone can be an annoyance for your enemies. You can sustain it and move it as well.

Maelstrom of Chaos: Great daily power. You can deal damage on a 10x10 squares area and then gather all the badies on the same place. This is priceless. Any area power after this one will have a great effect.
Wanna play bowling? Teleport all enemies except one adjacent to you and then hit it with your bowling powers. Use an action point to do it in the same round and you will add half your level to the damage on both attacks!
Simbarch of Aglarond
“I shall defend and heal those I care for”
This class got what you lack, heals. But still silver fire keeps your damage high enough when dealing with solos and elites.

Sorcerous Vitality (11th level):2 healing surges are always welcome.

Arcane healing (11th level): nice feature makes you even tougher.

Determined Mage (16th level): It may seem redundant but healing is never enough.

Simbarch of Aglarond Spells

Silver Fire: That’s the reason why this class has so few offensive abilities. If you want to focus on solo and elite enemies silver fire will really increase your damage rating, add quicksilver blade and you are dealing basic attack + half your level damage using a minor action! Also the +8 to attack makes it an almost sure hit.

Synostodweomer: In times of need you can also heal yourself or one ally, a good addition for you who don’t have any healing powers.

Simbul’s Tempest: good area, best range, average damage but can save your skin if you are heavily de-buffed.
Spellguard Wizard
“Theres no escape for you…”
I recommend this paragon path if you are going for power-swap feats.The spellguard training very useful specially with arcane reach. Also shackled warding used with your mythal powers can prematurely end the life of any BBEG.

Spellguard Training (11th level): This feature is great for it add some versatility to your powers and make your area powers usable during heavily melee without drawing any OAs plus the +1 unamed bonus to the attack roll.

Spellguard Action (11th level): Too bad dextery isn’t your forte, the +2 bonus to AC is nice tou.

Spellguard Combat Toughness (16th level): Healing surges, the more the merrier.

Spellguard Wizard Spells

Spellguard Force Lash: Since so few encounter powers are immediate actions this power can prevent some damage and probably make the enemy loose its turn. That’s some good defensive power if you ask me.

Mythal Splinter: This zone can screw with the BBEG easily if the party works to make it happen. It can be sustained.

Mythal Spark: The damage isn’t great but the no healing and teleporting effects are great.
War Wizard of Cormyr
“Oh that was a bad idea my friend…”
Awesome paragon path for any forcestorm arcaneblades. All features and powers are great. Arcane fundamentals+quicksilverblade+thunderclap will rock the house as a minor action. The quick weapon and the aquamarine solitaire can be used with arcane fundamentals.

War Wizard’s Training (11th level): Prevent OAs, not fantastic but good. Can help you if you need to use a ranged attack to defend some distant ally.

Arcane Fundamentals (11th level): That’s a good reason for you to get a power-swap feat. You can use it on lighting bolt or chain lighting.

War Wizard’s Decimation (16th level): This feature is like having devastating criticals average damage.

War Wizard of Cormyr Spells

Lightning Ripple: Great power, nice damage lighting damage and a handy +2 power bonus on your next attack.Close blast 6 is also a nice area.

One-Way Barrier: Situational power. This wall can improve a lot your role as a defender.

Storm of Victory: the burst and range are good, the damage not that good but granting combat advantage to your allies is a nice effect for an area power.

And thats all for today, any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome