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I have some friends who are interested in trying out a 4.0 campaign. I don't have time to make up something from scratch, and I don't really like the adventures Wizards has made for 4.0 so far (combat after combat with no real development, story, or opportunity for roleplaying). I've heard how good the Pathfinder campaigns are and am thinking of converting one to 4.0 rules. How well do 3.5 adventures convert to 4.0 rules? Is it fairly easy or will the entire campaign have to be re-written? Has anyone already converted one of the Pathfinder campaigns to 4.0?
It's fairly easy to convert 3e adventures to 4e, since the DM's toolbox in 4e for creating encounters and customizing monsters is so easy to use and well designed. You'll probably find pretty reasonable approximations for most of the monsters you'll want to use in the MM and in various free supplements you can download at, and if not, you can always just DIY, it's fun.

And of course, you can take the fluff straight from the books.
I haven't made Pathfinder stuff into 4e, but I have converted a lot of other 3e material. It's really really really easy. You don't have to select feats or gear for enemies, you don't have to decide about classes and levels, and you don't have to calculate bonuses from 8 different sources. There is a bit of work when it comes to converting special abilities. In general, however, it's pretty easy to decide that something is an attack versus some defense with whatever effects and/or damage. Also, I recommend adding monsters to some encounters, since 4e emphasizes multiple combatants a bit more. Pathfinder has some great stories, so if you can put the 4e mechanics in, all is well.

Ed_Warlord, on what it takes to make a thread work: I think for it to be really constructive, everyone would have to be honest with each other, and with themselves.


iserith: The game doesn't profess to be "just like our world." What it is just like is the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Any semblance to reality is purely coincidental.


Areleth: How does this help the problems we have with Fighters? Do you think that every time I thought I was playing D&D what I was actually doing was slamming my head in a car door and that if you just explain how to play without doing that then I'll finally enjoy the game?


TD: That's why they put me on the front of every book. This is the dungeon, and I am the dragon. A word of warning though: I'm totally not a level appropriate encounter.

It'll take some work, and you'll probably have to change up the encounters to make them mesh better with 4e's combat style. Single monsters just don't work very well in this system, even if they've got the Solo tag (stunlocks ahoy!), so you'll probably have to grab some minions and soldier types to make the combat a bit more challenging.

Other than the changes in combat encounters, you can take pretty much everything else wholesale and play it as is. You might have to change some treasure around, you might not. You might want to do a little homework on the power of the new monsters and the level of wealth that the adventure expects before you mess around with the treasure. Or keep it as is.
I'm actually converting the Rise of the Runelords AP to 4th Edition right now. Burnt Offerings is almost finished. The entire process is being blogged at Tales from the Rusty Dragon if you want to follow along or use the conversion in your own game (as a number of people appear to be doing now). Best of luck!
Tales from the Rusty Dragon ( - A 4th Edition Conversion Project Covering Paizo's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path
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