Anyone got or gave the books as a gift?

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Did any of you recieve 4e books as a gift or give them to anyone as a gift? Share your experiences.

Here's mine:
A relative of mine who apparently heard of my interest in D&D decided to give me the 4e PHB on his visit for his summer vacation. I accepted his gift but told him that I was in the middle of a few campaigns so I'd have to wait for a few years to be able to use it. After he left, I used a criss cross shredder to shred the pages except the cover (I put on a pair of sunglasses and a pair of those roll up sunglasses over those so as to be incapable of viewing the contents). I tossed the cover out. This relative is unfortunately inept with computers, but at least I don't expect him to come on to the forums and learn about this. With the cover story of me waiting a few years and putting it into storage until I can use it, I believe he may forget the topic. I couldn't just ask for a refund you see because that would mean that there would be one more copy of the PHB out there. Completely worth it.

Anyone have similar experiences or interesting experiences that you want to share?