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A few details:
If a power is underneath another power under the same # then it is the replacement power.
The focus of this build is to really be a ranged cleric that can also dish it out in melee, with his glaive he can attack from behind allies, as well if someone moves adjacent to him he gets a free at will attack via gamble and heavy blade op. All his powers except Astral Storm/Righteous Brand (Enthrall/Rune of Peace/Blade Barrier - until replaced) use radiant so crit on 19-20(via radiant servant) as well gain bonus of holy avenger later on.
Lots of AoE power in this build too so if you go first you kill minions and you can really do numbers on other mobs as well. not as many healing surges as I would like but it will have to do.
I tried to gain a good balance on the defence so nothing can always get through on him. He has good attacks and should hit with regularity as well as a lot of his powers buff himself and party, only problem is a lot of his powers are sustain powers so you might have a hard time trying to sustain things.

Added Dec 17, 2008
Someone said you could go dwarf over elf yup it works you lose out on the ability to use your at will with OA's and you get a lot of them with polearm gamble they can add a nice +3-8 attack bonus to a party member though.<br /> As a dwarf you would end up not needing the dex so can add more to con and be tougher all in all the dwarf version would have more hp/surges but be less mobile and deal 1 more dmg a hit via halbred. all in all a good trade.<br /> Though if you wanted to be more bashy you could go dragonborn and have 18 str and 16 wis instead and gain a breath weapon while being in-between dwarf and elf for mobility.<br /> <br /> so go Elf if you want mobility and use the at will to help get rid of those pesky mobs that come at you.<br /> Dwarf if you want to be more meaty and have more feats to spend.<br /> Dragonborn if you want to do more bashy with stick instead of range and get a nifty breath(fire) and more meaty then elf, also +1 to hit when bloodied.)<br /> Human is a solid choice as well could go either str or wis starting but would take this race last.<br /> <br /> Now the combo really was to use your at will if a mob comes at you and give the party a bonus to hit that mob. not much well really you crit on any radiant power 19-20 and lots of aoe as well font of radiance feat works wonders with this.<br /> <br /> The reason I went elf in the first place is thought it would look cool the idea of it more then fully optimized version of this build.

Religion, Heal, Arcana, Insight

Stats: (does not include magic items/Improved armor)
S D C I W C AC F R W HP Sg # Str Wis<br /> 1st 16 14 14 8 16 11 16 13 12 15 26 6 9 5 3<br /> 2nd 18 14 13 16 31 7 6 4<br /> 3rd 36 9<br /> 4th 17 14 14 8 17 11 19 15 14 17 41 10 7 5<br /> 5th 46 11<br /> 6th 20 16 15 18 56 14 8 6<br /> 7th 61 15<br /> 8th 18 14 14 8 18 11 21 18 16 20 66 16 11 10 8<br /> 9th 71 17<br /> 10th 22 19 17 21 76 19 11 9<br /> 11th 19 15 15 9 19 12 87 21<br /> 12th 24 20 18 22 92 23 12 10<br /> 13th 97 24<br /> 14th 20 15 15 9 20 12 25 22 19 24 102 25 14 12<br /> 15th 107 26<br /> 16th 26 23 20 25 112 28 15 13<br /> 17th 117 29<br /> 18th 21 15 15 9 21 12 27 26 21 26 122 30 16 14<br /> 19th 127 31<br /> 20th 28 27 24 27 132 33 17 15<br /> 21st 24 16 16 10 24 13 29 23 29 143 35 12 19 17<br /> 22nd 29 30 24 30 148 37 20 18<br /> 23rd 153 38<br /> 24th 25 16 16 10 25 13 30 31 27 31 158 39 21 19<br /> 25th 163 40<br /> 26th 31 32 28 32 168 42 22 20<br /> 27th 173 43<br /> 28th 26 16 16 10 26 13 32 34 29 34 178 44 24 22<br /> 29th 183 45<br /> 30th 33 35 30 35 188 47 25 23

1st Weapon Prof. Glaive<br /> Bonus Ritual Casting You can Perform Rituals<br /> 2nd Armor Prof. Scale<br /> 4th Blade Opportunist +2 attack on AoO<br /> 6th Toughness +5hp/tier<br /> 8th Durable +2 Healing Surges<br /> 10th Improved Initiative +4 Init Bonus<br /> 11th Heavy Blade Oppotunity Can use At Will for AoO<br /> retrain Polearm Gamble(improved Init) When someone enters adjacent to you Make AoO &amp; grant combat advantage<br /> 12th Armor Spec. Scale +1AC no speed penalty<br /> 14th Danger Sense Reroll initiative roll take higher<br /> 16th Mettle No half damage on fort or will miss<br /> 18th Great Fortitude +2 Fort<br /> 20th Ligntning Reflex's +2 Ref<br /> 21st Font of Radiance When you crit with Radiant target and AoE:1 reveal invis/conceal, if foe ends turn there 3d6 radiant<br /> retrain Astral Fire(Ligntning Reflex's) +1damage/tier Fire/Radiant Powers<br /> 22nd Epic Resurgence First critical durring encounter regain encounter power<br /> 24th Ligntning Reflex's<br /> 26th Fleet Footed +1 Speed<br /> 28th Improved Initiative<br /> 30th Uncanny Dodge Do not grant +2 AC for combat advantage

At Will:
1. Lance of Faith W:R R:5 1d8+W radiant H:ally +2 attack vrs. target(na)<br /> 2. Righteous Brand S:AC 1[W]+S H:ally +Str to attack vrs target(eoynt)

1. Divine Glow W:R AoE:3 1d8+W radiant Allies in AoE +2 attack(eoynt)<br /> Mantle of Glory W:W AoE:5 2d10+W radiant, Allies can surge+W<br /> 2. Daunting Light W:R R:10 2d10+W radiant, combat adv to one ally(eoynt)<br /> 3. Searing Light W:R R:10 2d6+W radiant, blind(eoynt)<br /> Enthrall W:W R:10 AoE:3 2d10+W psychic, Immobilized and cannot attack you(eoynt)<br /> Healing Torch W:W R10 AoE:5 3d8+W radiant, Each ally +AC:C(eoynt) Surge +W+C<br /> 4. Solar Wrath W:W AoE:8 3d8+W radiant, if undead/demon stunned(eoynt)

1. Cascade of Light W:W R:10 3d8+W radiant + vuln 5(save) M:Half<br /> Holy Wrath S:AC AoE:3 2d10+S radiant, gain regen 10 and +2 attack(eoe)<br /> 2. Rune of Peace S:W 1[W]+S target cannot attack(save) M:cannont attack you(eoynt)<br /> Seal of Warding W:W AoE:3 4d10+W radiant, Slowed(eoynt) area difficult w/cover(eoynt) M:half Sustain Minor<br /> 3. Blade Barrier 5L2H Wall R:10, enter or start 3d6+W +5(O)(save) Sustain Minor<br /> Seal of Protection S:R AoE:2 3d10+S radiant, +2AC each ally &amp; enemies tha enter end movement Sustain Minor<br /> Astral Storm W:R R:20 AoE:5 6d10+W c/f/l/t No resist unless vrs all M:half, Sustain Minor W:R 2d10+W lightning M:half<br /> 4. Radiant Brilliance W:R R:20 3d10+W radiant, (soynt) target W:W AoE:5 3d10+W radiant, M:Half

1. Cure Light Wounds D:SA Heal as if Surge +W<br /> 2. Bastion of Health E:MA R:10 Spend Surge +W<br /> 3. Mass Cure Light Wounds D:SA AoE:5 Heal as if surge +W+C<br /> 4. Healing Sun D:SA AoE:2 each ally in at (sott) heal 5+W+C, Undead/Demon 1d10+C radiant (sustain SA)(End if Bloodied)<br /> 5. Holy Lantern AW Light AoE:5 +2 Perception/Insight Move:MA<br /> 6. Cloud Chariot D:SA 2x2 Charriot F:8 Carry 4 small/med and 1 small/med rider, grants cover<br /> 7. Divine Regeneration D:MA gain regeneration = highest atribute(eoe)

Class Stuff:
Channel Divinity<br /> Divine Fortune E:free +1 bonus to next attack or save<br /> Turn Undead E:SA AoE:2/5/8 W:W 1d10+W(2d/3d/4d/5d/6d) radiant, push 3+C Immobilized(eoynt) M:Half no push/Immob<br /> Healing Word E:MA AoE:5/10/15 2/3 per encounter, target spends healing surge +1d6+W(2d6/3d6/4d6/5d6/6d6)<br /> 11th Attacks with Radiant Critical on 19-20<br /> 11th Spend AP 1 enemy w/i 5 takes (level) ongoing radiant(save)<br /> 16th Saving throws made by undead/demon -2<br /> 24st If reduced to 0hp or less regain hp equal to half max(once a day)<br /> 30th When you have used your last encounter power regain one of your choice

Magic Items you will want in the end
Weapon Slot Holy Avenger (Glaive) +1d10 to powers that are radiant D:MA everyone w/i 10 +5 power bonus F/R/W defences(eoynt)<br /> Armor Slot Dwarven Armor (Scale) +bonus to Endurance D:FA gain hp as if surge<br /> Feet Slot Battlestrider Greaves +1 Speed<br /> Head Slot Helm of Ghostly Defence Resist 10 Necrotic E:if hit become insubstantial(eoynt)<br /> Neck Slot Cloak of Survival Resist 5-15 Cold/Fire +2-6 F/R/W<br /> Rings Ring of the Dwarf Lords x2 Gain 1 Healing Surge, D:if push/pull/slide negate effect (milestone=immunity)<br /> Wonderous Ritual Candle D:SA +2 skill check for Ritual<br /> Rope of Climbing pg 255<br /> as many as pos. Keoghtom's Ointment D:SA auto save vrs poison or disease or regain 1 healing surge<br /> Handy Haversack Need I say more pg 254

Seems like a good build, but could you add reasoning for your choices and the big picture on the overall concept? Maybe some specific combo details.

Just by looking at powers looks like a solid Cleric though:

- extremely mobile mainly due to elf + scale,
- polearm so you can melee behind the lines a heal unmolested
- versatile, a good mix of healing, ranged, AOE, and melee
- can off-tank if needed
Small fix's to the chart / powers.

Hoping I would get more feedback by now of what people do not feel works or any problems people forsee... or general praise if you like it hehe.

Improvments are welcome. (and will be taken into account)
Solid multi-role build! He can blast, he can melee, and with the reach weapon he can do either one without even needing to shift. He's not as effective at blasting as a laser cleric, or at hitting as a basher cleric, but that's clearly by design.

Specific suggestion: dump Durable in favor of Elven Precision. In my experience, Durable isn't worth it unless *every* melee combatant in the party takes it. I mean, if your fighter and rogue have 0 surges left the party is going to rest, even if you still have 2 surges remaining. Elven Precision, on the other hand, will benefit you every single encounter over the entire life of your character.

Other suggestion is: consider going Dwarf (resulting in stats exactly the same). Drop Scale Specialization in favor of Plate Armor, drop Mettle for Dwarven Durability. You could go one further and drop Dex to 11, bumping Con to 16, and drop the heavy blade feats in favor of halberd feats (starting with swapping Weapon Prof: Glaive for Dwarven Weapon Training at first level, which gives proficiency and +2 damage with halberd). This departs from your concept as being mobile and being an OA guy, but keeps the theme of being good at blasting and meleeing. And clerics don't get any particular benefit from OAs anyway.

Also, and this goes for your elf too, consider dropping Great Fortitude and Lightning Reflexes in favor of Combat Anticipation. Combat Anticipation gives +1 to *all* your defenses (including AC!) against anything except melee attacks. As a Reach fighter, you'll find it much more useful than +2 to two defenses. And it costs one feat, instead of two.
I'm still trying to learn the rules of 4th ed, so please bear with me, I have a few questions.

1. How do you have an AC of 16 at level 1? I assume its from wearing some sort of armor. Please clarify (base 10 + 2 dex + ?)

2. What are the numbers under the "Str" and "Wis" column on the far right? I just don't understand what those mean. Thanks.

I'm still trying to learn the rules of 4th ed, so please bear with me, I have a few questions.

1. How do you have an AC of 16 at level 1? I assume its from wearing some sort of armor. Please clarify (base 10 + 2 dex + ?)

2. What are the numbers under the "Str" and "Wis" column on the far right? I just don't understand what those mean. Thanks.


I'll take a shot at answering those:

1. 16 AC is from 10 base + 6 from chainmail (heavy armor, so no Dex/Int bonus to AC)

2. the Str and Wis numbers seem to be his modifier to attacks with those stats. As his Str attacks are always with a weapon and he's always going to be using a +2 proficiency mundane weapon at the least, the Str mod is 2 higher.

These are both educated guesses, so don't take them as gospel.

As an aside, it's cool how different this build is from the one in my sig, even though we use the same class/PP/ED.
I really appreciate a good build like this. the only question i have is why scale armor prof at 2 over toughness? Don't you get more out of that 5 hp when it is a bigger % of your total? The extra 1 AC should fit in as being just as good at almost any point in your career.
yes the ac of 16 assumes 6ac from armor
the #'s under str and wis = you base to hit roll with the glaive and any wis based attack again both are without magic of any sort.

as to the toughness over scale yes you could 5hp vrs 1 ac really its a 5% chance every attack and minions can deal 5 damage so the 1 ac might be more worthwhile, also if you find a +1 chain armor because your dm thinks you will use chain you are screwed because you want scale hehe

since the update of martial power and arms guide I will be looking at this build again seeing what I can change (I have been away from the forums a long time but this build was a lot of fun to play and had so many options to a party.)
I am noob.

But, why Holy Lantern (over another heal), and why Lance of Faith (over Sacred Flame)
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