Suggestion on organizing Builds and compiling information-Please Read.

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Hello everyone, so 4E has been released and character builds are already poping up.
I have some suggestions that would help a lot to keep things organized, because we all remember how hard it was/is to find something on 3rd Edition Char Optimization.
Essentially the main problem was that people would name their builds but wouldn't state it's core classes on the title.
A " Divine Crusher" could either be Paladin/Fighter/Rougue or a Cleric/Wizard, so, on that huge list of builds, one looking for cleric builds would spent a lot of time clicking on build names like this.

So what I suggest is, that every build states in THE TITLE the classes that it compiles.Also with the new diving roles, it should also be stated there, and if you are unsure what hole it is, state the ones you think it could fill.

So instead of having "Divine Crusher", we should have
"Divine Crusher Pal/Ftr/Rg - Defender/Striker".

This will help a lot to keep things organized, compiling class information will be easy preventing a lot of good info to be left out of compiling threads, as it happend on 3rd edition.

Let me hear some feedback on this, and of course suggestions, so we can make a stick about this subject.
Thank you.