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Well, I guess the title gives a good idea, but I will explain my plan a bit.

The group this Fighter will come into will consist of a Paladin having the full Defender Role, a Warlord Leader, a Wizard Controller and a Warlock Striker.

The idea is, to create a Fighter who will have some decent damage output but will be able to still take over the Paladin's defender role when things go bad as well as when we are greatly outnumbered.

I wanted to make him human so I could get the extra at-will power to be able to fulfill both roles. I decided to want to have him use a bastard sword too, so the extra human feat to use on that fits perfectly as well. I considered bastard sword to be the best choice as it fills the bill of a decent two hander and a good one hander for when im Defending more then I'm Striking. Also, the Swordmaster PP is what I am aiming for.

Now, I want some advice on how to fill my levels. What exploits and utility powers suit me best at what level (or more importantly, are must haves to still be a decent Defender) and should I multiclass or not?

Any help and advice is welcome!
With a bastard sword (or any heavy blade really) the main advantage involves things like the Heavy Blade Opportunity feat which allows you to use some of your at-will attacks in place of a basic attack for opportunity attacks.

a lot of good attacks involving heavy blades have a dexterity requirement... with a bastard sword having dex almost as high as strength will benefit you with the weapon style power choices that happen every so often.

If you haven't already, look over the Swordmaster paragon path.

If I make too many other suggestions, I'll basically be suggesting a character I plan to play to you... so I'll stop and say good luck.
Careful, man. That much logic might be illegal on the internet. - Salla
Thanks for the ideas, I'll consider them surely.

Also, meaning I need Dex almost as high as Str, I guess using Plate Armor (or any heavy armor at a bit higher lvls) will not be worth the feat.

I am going for the Swordmaster PP yeah, it looks nice and has the feel I want my char to have (a highly skilled master of his weapon instead of someone only focused on hitting stuff hard)

Now, I got two more questions.

From earlier: Which Encounter/Daily exploits and utility powers are a must have if I wanna even be able to be a Defender at higher levels? And what about multiclassing? will anything help me fill my hybrid role better then pure Fighter?

Secondly, We are using the Standard Array, The 16 will go to Str with the 14 in Dex, I wanna use my racial +2 to raise a 12 to 14 and what i got left I will have a priority spot for Wisdom of course. Am I a bit right there with how I should divide my stats? (sorry for not giving a list, I don't have my books on me atm to check the exact standard array)
My suggestion on stats would be (using the standard array)

STR 16
CON 13
DEX 14
INT 10
WIS 12 +2 from human
CHA 11

gives a nice solid defense spread to start with, and makes scale your best choice in armor to start with... after bumping up the dex score you might switch over to hide, but that would be around the time that your dexterity hits 18+ really.

I advise the Rain of Steel (level 5) exploit because it is a stance that deals 1[w] damage to any enemy that starts it's turn adjacent to you and lasts until the end of the encounter (or you use another stance type exploit), this gives a very high damage potential to your character without much effort except to get into melee with multiple enemies.

at 13th level there is Storm of Blows which allows for a few attacks for 1[w] damage againt different opponents and has a positioning factor to it, which is important while being a defender... basically it is attack one target, shift one and attack another target, shift one and attack another target, shift one more... not always helpful, but definitely a great thing to have as part of a combo-plan. Also if you use a heavy blade (like that bastard sword) you get to add your strength and dexterity modifiers to the damage on each attack, so it does a good bit of damage too since your dex mod is better than an extra d6 or d8 in most cases.
Careful, man. That much logic might be illegal on the internet. - Salla
Thanks for the info.

I see where your stat allocation is going. Adding something to all Defenses and not worrying too much about 1 or 2 hp more at lvl 1.

And I like the idea of your powers too. powers that create multiple attacks have double goodness for a Fighter in general and this build in particular. Namely: More dmg when 2 hand-ing, more marks when Defending.

Thanks for the help! You surely helped me in the right direction.