Great Job Guys

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Ok, I've out of D&D since the original. Things seem to have changed somewhat... I've been browsing through the new DMG, PG, and MM. BTW, fantastic job on the artwork. I mean talk about ramping things up. The graphics are so good that it actually distracts from the content. I only hope the content is half as good as the graphics.

I noticed that all the PC Races are also included in the MM. I know we had this discussion back in the day before most of you were born, but elucidate me again for your rationale.

And I can be a little thick, but what is the difference between an Elf and a Eladrin? It sounds like they are just tall faries from San Fancisco...

I think the Tiers system is a great and logical way to grow characters. I expect we will have people playing 5th lvl PCs clamoring for 40-50 lvl tiers within the week.

It seems that you've gotten rid of the CR system. What method do you propose for balancing encounters? Like a party of four 4th lvl PCs can go against how much monster? As I gather, this party can go against a 16th lvl solo monster? Which would have been a CR16 once upon a time?

The new roles system will take some getting used to, but I expect that once people get it down, encounters will move more consistantly and quickly.