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Talk about "with the program", launched on the 6th, and ready to roll....

These have been my sheets of choice for 3.5 and 4e isn't changing!

"The turning of the tide always begins with one soldier's decision to head back into the fray"

Looks awesome! Thanks for posting the link.
That sheet is awesome; it's so much cleaner and less cluttered than the WotC sheets we've seen.


Can someone sticky this for a while and add all the fan made sheets as well so people can find and make their choice prior to the product release?

Make a new staff created thread here as I requested in CB and just put the link there for all to see and sticky it. Just please slow down these sheet threads here!

EDIT: Since this thread has been stickied, I will try to collect fan sheets and place them in this post. I made none, so check the links or do a search to find the original author of the sheets. They are in no particular order except for the one I find and add them, so choose the sheet you like best rather than thinking the order is my preference. If you would like you hseet added and It is not in the list below, or have found one you think should be added, please list it and tell what kind of sheet it is, and I will update ASAP when I have time.
4th edition only please, as that will be the only thing I add to the list. Please also indicate if the file requires joining a website to download.

If anyone notice a duplicated sheet link, then please also state so that mirrors can be grouped together in case one site is working and one is not, also leave notice if there is a broken link and it will be removed, or indicated as currently broken for a period pending return to working status prior to the links deletion from this list.

Fan sheets for 4th Edition:

Multiple: - PDF Character Sheets, Power Cards, Powers sheet - PDF Character sheet, Power & Magic Item Cards - PDF & Excel Sheets
[thread]1043286[/thread] - PDF Power Cards, Power sheets - Sheets, Power cards, and much more

Sheets: - Character sheet (requires joining website to download) - PDF Dynamic Character Sheet - Excel Character Sheet - PDF Character sheet - Excel Character Sheet (requires joining website to download) - JPG Character Sheet - PDF Character Sheet

Cards: - Excel Power cards

(Old 3rd edition sheets can be found here )
Like my character sheet here that I modified?
I made a new one just today... although it's not perfect (Still taking out the bugs from it), it works pretty well for my needs.

I'd be posting it somewhere for people, but I don't really have a good hosting service.
Well don't know if there is really a place other than reporting threads, to identify things such as this so......

There seem to be a surge in threads in GD about character sheets. Where can you get one online, where are the WotC online sheets, etc?

Now I understand if/when DDI rolls out that one of the apps will provide for printing a character sheet in some format (filled-in or blank), but currently to stem the growth and traffic in all forums I think someone may want to make a thread and sticky it in regards to 4th edition. Label it as the official unofficial character sheet thread, and consolidate all threads regaring finding character sheets into it. This will not only help the flow of the GD section, but will aid people trying to find sheets of all types either Neceros, or Ema's, or even WotC's sheets.

Not sure if GD is the best place for such a sticky, but it seems the best on, unless people can make specific sheets for the classes roles, in their specific sections of the forums. Which will probably happen, but odds are one thread for ALL character sheets that is maintained with a list of fan-made after the links to oficial ones. (including a link to the product page for the upcoming official ones with power cards.)

Oh and include the power cards, and other things like character/spell/power sheets into this sticky thread as well.

So long as the first post is updated frequently enough there should be less traffic from such threads, and any new thread can be merged/closed without problems.

This post was originally in another thread as the first post, but due to circumstances beyond my control threads were merged causing many screwups. So this post and the first were switched in order to preserve the purpose of this thread which it to provde quick access to the links to the official 4th edition character sheets.
Didn't think we'd see these until after the sheets for sale were released. ;)
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Thanks for the link, Hellmute. I've added it to the "Player Advice/What's a Player to Do" important links; I also added a link to your sheet, arderkrag.

John Ling

Lead Pathfinder Developer for Frog God Games

Good idea. Here's mine:

Odd but Acrobat Reader 8.1 gets an error when trying to open your document.
I don't speak for Ema, but I love it enough to share, here is his:

"The turning of the tide always begins with one soldier's decision to head back into the fray"

Odd but Acrobat Reader 8.1 gets an error when trying to open your document.

Try Foxit reader. For some as-yet-undetermined reason, Adobe hates my sheet. If anyone can work out why, I'd appreciate it.
Here's my D&D 4.0 Excel Charsheet:

It has all you need to create characters for 4.0. You still need the PHB for the exact details of the powers. But all classes, feats and rituals are included.

If you find any bugs or misspelled terms or words please post them in the thread there.

Didn't think we'd see these until after the sheets for sale were released. ;)

this one looks the same as the one in the back of the 4E PHB. this just makes it easier than having to scan the book.

I am guessing the ones for sale will probably be class specific and less general.
I haven't done a character sheet yet but I believe custom power cards fall under this same request so here is a link to my Excel Power Cards. It has an associated database as well so you need only ever enter the powers once.
Updated with everything found/notified about today.

Thank you for the mention.
Neceros' Character Sheets
Many sheets for many systems.
PDF Version of the "Wiesbaden Charsheet" incl. Power- and Magicitem Cards:

Excel Version of the "Wiesbaden Charsheet":

Updates will be under the same link.

Has anyone made a PDF character sheet into a fillable form yet? I like to type my characters up and store them online, as opposed to writing on a blank sheet.

- Manii Names
SWEET! Thank you so much. I kept doing searchs for 4th ed character sheets and found NOTHING. Why the hell is it so hard to find them? I mean at least nothing I tried worked. There were no links or headlines or anything overt I could find that said there were FREE 4th ed sheets up. Thank you. Now I dont have to use lined paper. :P
They did replace the old sheets in the resources section of the site with the 4th sheets. So if you looked you might have found them as well. But you are correct, they made no announcement.
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Not your fault at all. Like the rest of DDI they fail to make any information available to the people who use the site.
Epic Fail on the info availability. Like how they have all this crap about how great D&D insider is but then they dont say WHEN or HOW you can get it. I want the online char creator and the little model thing but there is NO info on how or when it will be available. Way to drop the ball there. I wonder if they even HAD the ball in the first place. Seriously.
Well, here's my 2 copper's worth.

These are great people, I knew I could count on the people here to make awesome sheets! Now all I have to do is figure out which one I want to use. I really like the power cards, these will help my players greatly!
My sheets can be found here: They are excel based, one blank, the other one automated to make life easy.
Hope people like them. =J
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Seeing as there is a disconnect between balance (quantifiable) and fun, (subjective and personal) discussing fun in a thread about balance because you find one system more enjoyable than another is as helpful as discussing religion in a thread about architectural engineering because you think cathedrals look prettier than outhouses.

This is my typeable pdf CharSheet I made a while backago... So far over 1400 downloads and not one complaint. Enjoy!!

This is my typeable pdf CharSheet I made a while backago... So far over 1400 downloads and not one complaint. Enjoy!!

Bro, your sheet is awesome. I have another PDF sheet that is the same, but it actually fills in the the bonuses from stats where needed. That sheet is cool too, but you can't save it. So I use that as a worksheet (forgot where I got it from) and then transfer over to yours to save. I have checked the numbers to see if they fill in correctly and they do.

Any chance you could do that with your sheet too? Can send you a copy if you like, just can't remember where I downloaded it from.
Wow. I was really hoping the official sheets would be "warmed up" a bit before release, but I see they haven't become any less dry and sterile than they were back in playtesting. Our group referred to them as "TPS reports"...
Total Pile of reports?
Total Pile of reports?

Well, my use of the term was more to the overly-sterile feel of the official character sheet (which at the time we assumed was just a working draft) than to the actual content. Although if you're looking for those sorts of acronyms, one of our group took to referring to the 4E stuff we were working on as the GLOS Project ("Giant Load of"), but admittedly he was the most vocal against the system of our group.
I find that not liking 3rd edition I did like the sheet design, but after downloading these official sheet, I don't know what they are supposed to be. The page number itself was a nice idea since you NEVER have space to write down everything needed for some ability. Sad that was left out, and the whole attack and damage workspace makes no sense. Does 4th only have one attack number for melee and one attack number for ranged or soemthing, and only two different sources of damage as well?

Scrap paper is what I use for a "workspace"".
Hello Everyone,

I don't visit the D&D boards too often, but some of you may know me from the things I do to help the Star Wars COMmunity. Anyway, I've been a D&D player for over 20 years and I would like to share a small contribution in the form of a 4e Character Sheet with the D&D COMmunity.

Basically, I like a character sheet that will fit on one sheet of paper (front and back). I don't like fumbling through 3 or 4 pages just to find out whether or not I have a +1 to attack. So just like I've done for other RPG's, I created my very own Excel based character sheet for D&D 4e.

Here are some of the highlights:
-The formulas are laid out nicely, as it will calculate just about anything that is important to your character.
-If you print page 2 on the back of page 1 you will have enough room for a 3 hole binder punch. Allowing you to conveniently place the character sheet in a 3 ring binder.
-There are several pulldown menu's, be sure to use these because it could effect the formulas otherwise.
-The Exploits are easily edited and they are cut & paste friendly. You will have to type out each of your characters Exploits, there are just too many of them to make a pulldown list. If you prefer to use Exploit cards then you can simply print page 1 (all of the Exploits are on page 2).

Be sure that you do not type in any of the colored boxes (especially the blue ones). These boxes typically have formulas in them, if they are changed it will cause the character sheet to have errors. The sheet is protected from doing any serious damage, but it is not password protected, so you can simply turn off the protection if you would like to do some customization of your own.

Finally, I've uploaded a sample copy of my character sheet for everyone to view HERE. It's a 5th level Rogue that I made for Origins to play in the RPGA Mod "Return to Moathouse". You will find that it prints much nicer than it appears as a webpage.

Here's the bad news, if you would like to download the character sheet you will need to sign in to my Yahoo! Gaming Group and goto the files section and download the 4e Excel based character sheet. Feel free to signup, download the sheet, and then leave the group afterwards. I like to keep stuff for my RPG campaigns on my Yahoo! Group for convenience, but anyone is welcome to join.

Goto the Gem City Gaming Guild to download the file:

Enjoy and have fun,

[FONT="Verdana"]• Revised D&D 4.0 Character Sheets •
• By Lee Launay •[/FONT]

Hey All,

After the success of my SAGA sheets and after being less than impressed whit the Official 4.0 Sheets I swore that I wouldn't make the effort this time, and that I would learn to live whit the harsh big black boarders, minimal righting space and weird layout.... several hours later I appear to have made this.


Unlike my SAGA sheet, I decided to scrap the official look and go with a very simple, no frills look with minimal shaded areas and a focus on simple lines and logical layout.

[CENTER]Download JPEG's for General Printing: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
(PDFs Comming Soon)[/CENTER]

Myself and my groups will be using it, I hope you enjoy it too!

Got notes? Ideas? Feedback? Post, PM or Email me :D
Thanks to :

Very nice work. Thanks for sharing! =)
Sad that was left out, and the whole attack and damage workspace makes no sense.

I'm not the only one then. I stared at that area forever trying to figure out what exactly are they going for. That area needs a lot of work. My husband made an excel sheet for attacks and powers but it needs a whole lot of work (probably just use someone elses).

Note to add this one to the list when I figure out how things went terribly wrong and moved everything around where the list is no longer at the top!

Will work on restructuring my posts in this thread after dinner. Sorry for any problems locating the sheets that this oddity in mergin has caused. Also anyone reaidn this post, please note that I no longer have any idea where I left off placing links in the fan sheet list as I do not know how many threads were merged together, not what post number I left off at.

This is why I hate vBulletin forums. They don't understand merging by dates causes a mess, and merging a new post into an older one by placing the new thread at the end of the thread it is merged to at least makes the conversations make more sense and keeps it continuity.