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I was thinking of starting up a Ghost-Faced Killer character with Monk as the starting class. Does Ghost-Faced Killer seem underpowered to anyone?

Other base classes I am considering are:
Rogue (Allows me to use armour with both classes, Sneak Attack + Sudden Strike= Annihilation, lower HP, more skills)

Ranger (Might not be spending as much time in the wilderness as someone with ranger levels might like, but also has good BAB, strong with weapons)

Ninja (Fragile and lacking in weapons I might like, but no armour. Special abilities help, but maybe other classes might be more optimal)

Monk (No armour to speak of, but good unarmed damage and move speed, as well as special abilities helps.)

So what do you guys think? What class should I begin with and is GFK even worth taking?
The Ghost-Faced Killler is basically a cross between a Ninja and an Assassin. This is how the Ghost-Faced Killer compares with other classes. At first glance it does seem a little underpowered, and i think it is.(it just needs more uses of ghost step and the frightful attack). But if you compare it to other classes it is almost equal in power.

Ninja comparison: they have ghost step, ghost sight, sudden strike.
-Ninjas have a lot more then 4 uses of ghost step especially after 10 levels.
-a ghost-face killer gets slightly faster access to Ghost Sight, a ninja gets it at lvl 16, with the requirements a ghost-face killer could probably get ghost sight when its total character level equaled 15(depends on what class you take).
-Only difference between sudden strike and sneak attack is that you can't use sudden strike for flanking.
Assassin Comparison:
-Assassin's have sneak attack which lets them get bonus damage in flanks; sudden strike can't do this
-instead of ghost step, assassins have spells-improved inivisibility beats the ghost step ability by a long shot(nevermind invisibiltiy which lasts for 2minutes+) but the # of times per day is about the same compared to the ninja
-assassins have poison use, and hide in plain sight and stuff.
I'd say monk and ranger are the worst ideas, their style doesn't exactly fit well with the Ghost-Faced Killer. You said you didn't like how fragil and the bad weapon selection of the Ninja, but ninjas fit well w/ the ghost faced killer. I think you should do a NINJA/FIGHTER/Ghost-Faced Killer. In Complete Scoundrel they have a feat that combines the fighter and ninja abilites, and they have some good feats for the ninja to.
Well actually Dudester I know that the monk is a very good base class for the GFK because of fast movement (allowing you to get to flat-footed targets before they act, making more chances for death attacks), unarmed damage and AC bonus. Since the GFK relies on only light armour, the monk's Wis modifier added to AC, as well as the aforementioned unnamed AC bonus makes a welcome addition to protection. The d8 hit die is decent. What I wanted to know was if the monk was better than the other choices. I know that it's as good as them.
No, the Monk is the absolute worst you can do when making a Ghost-Faced Killer. It already has serious MAD, and taking GFK only adds Charisma to the slew of abilities you already need high, not to mention slaughtering your AC. I recommend Rogue 1/Hexblade 4 (Dark Companion variant from PHB II) -> Ghost-Faced Killer. You might want to add 2 levels of Blackguard or 3 levels of Paladin of Tyranny (from Unearthed Arcana), or both, not to mention 2 levels of Arcane Duelist. That's a Charisma-dependent warrior right there, and none of that MAD crap.

So you could say my class suggestion is Hexblade.
I would go rogue or OA-ninja(if your DM allows it) multiclassed with battle sorcerer*(with a focus on melee or defense spells).
The class's main weakness is that anyone immune to fear or even close to a paladin makes your main ability difficult to do, and at higher level most enemies will make the save effortlessly. Another issue is that at higher levels of play it seems that many monsters can see invisible creatures and/or have blindsight/tremorsense.

You could also go ninja, ninja/rogue, depending on what you want to do. The paladin is not a bad choice, but monk does not get his AC/wisdom to AC if you wear armor so that is a terrible choice.
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Anyway, thanks for your help everyone. I'm currently thinking ninja/ranger and no GFK, but that's another thread.
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